Snappi or Boingo? {Video}

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Snappi or Boingo?[/typography] When I started cloth diaper there was no choice… you used a snappi or pins. Then a new product came out- the Boingo. Suddenly there are choices when it comes to pin-less cloth diaper closures.

This video explores both options, and below there are more photographs and information to help you decide.
snappi1 boingo1


snappiprefold1 snappiesideflatsnappprefold2

I prefer the Snappi if I had to choose between the two. Luckily, they are both so inexpensive that you can easily afford one of each. Overall, the Snappi works well for almost all ages and diaper types. I also think it is easier to put on a baby thanks to the stretch it has and the extra room at the end for grabbing onto.

boingoflatside boingflat snappiprefolds

The Boingo does have a few tricks up its sleeve though… when newborns are so tiny that the diaper tabs or prefold tabs practically overlap one single Boingo can secure it in the center. They also help extend the life of prefolds when a snappi can’t quite reach all the way from left to right.









Boingos also have the added bonus of being cuter. I did find though that with an active toddler, I had droopage in the center where a snappi would have held the diaper in place. With a cover on this is less of a concern but it is worth noting.

The video above should answer all of your questions- it will show you how to put each on, when each works best, and also gives you a few warnings about the safety of these items. The tines are sharp and both the Snappi and Boingos should be kept out of the reach of children.

This is the first videe on the 2 week long event Everything but Cloth Diapers. Look for a Snappi giveaway to post tomorrow and a video all about Wool Dryer Balls for Wednesday. Lots more ahead too!

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