Smartipants Cloth Diaper Video Review

I was really excited to try Smartipants diapers for a number of reasons.  First, they have a very attractive price point at 14.95 a diaper.  Second, they have a “smart sleeve” which is basically a pocket open at both ends.  This allows the insert to agitate out during the wash.  Third, it is a one size pocket diaper with snaps.  I have yet to find a negative thing to say about this diaper.  I have yet to have any leaks, the insert has always washed out for me, and the fit has been great on my son.  The fact that it is 3.00 less than the most popular one size pocket diaper is even better!  The diapers are also made in the US!  Visit their website for more details and to order your own Smartipants!

***Smartipants suggests squishing the insert in of possible if you are not comfortable with the microfiber showing***


I am updating my older reviews to include the Durability rating.  At the time of  this review I had not begun using this system, but still feel it is important to update it.

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Durability ✰✰✰✰✰ I am actually surprised at how long ago I reviewed this diaper.  Why?  Because my Smartipants still looks brand new.  I still suggest these diapers to people looking for an economical and easy to use cloth diaper.  The PUL has not leaked, the lining is still looking brand new, and there is no sign of wear around the snaps.  The insert is still abosprbent and still agitates out at each wash.  It looks the same as the day I got it, and I use this diaper very regularly in my stash.  Definitely standing the test of time. 

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