Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper Review

5 Ease of Use
5 Bang for the Buck
5 Performance
4 Fit
The Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper embodies its name, inside and out: it’s a dream—for babysitters, cloth-shy dads, daycares, new parents, grandparents, busy moms, and the like. Smart Bottoms has managed to create a natural fiber, all-in-one pocket diaper that may just be a dream come true for parents looking for that day-and-night, birth-to-potty diapering solution. It goes without saying that the prints are seriously dreamy, too, especially “Enchanted,” pictured on my son Bennett: it’s so vibrant and magical. So here’s why we found this diaper so dreamy…

Bennet in the Smart Bottoms Dream Dia[per

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩  As you may have heard, the all-in-one style diaper, in general, is known for its convenience, but the Dream Diaper takes convenience to another level, merging two cloth diaper styles into one dreamy “diap.” It boasts a no-prep organic cotton and hemp interior, providing 3 layers of absorbency; it includes a snap-in insert, providing another 4 layers of absorbency; and it features a built-in pocket for even more added absorbency. There’s no denying that this all-in-one pocket is built to be bulletproof and is in it for the long haul, from birth to potty. And despite all these lovely layers, there’s no need to wash this diaper over and over and over again before getting it on the bum; this is Smart Bottoms first no-prep diaper: just wash it once, and it’s baby-ready.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ Priced at $31 apiece, one could argue that this all-in-one is a bit costly compared to several competing brands in this same style. But remember, this is not the typical all-in-one. The Dream Diaper merges the AIO and pocket styles into one beautiful, trim piece of fluff. So many cloth diapering parents—myself included—struggle to find a highly absorbent diaper that actually fits under baby’s clothes; the Dream Diaper has gained major bonus points from me for this reason alone: jeans actually fit! And I haven’t had to sacrifice absorbency for the slim fit. As mentioned, the included snap-in insert alone offers 4 highly absorbent layers, plus there’s always the pocket option for more stuffing if you’re looking for the nighttime solution of your dreams. An additional overnight, stay-dry insert that doubles absorbency can also be purchased separately. I personally used the included insert and slipped my own wooly booster in the pocket, and it worked like a charm overnight.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Knowing how well the 3.1 Smart One was received, Smart Bottoms fans have highly anticipated this made-in-the-USA Dream Diaper to be a dream come true. I must say: it lives up to all the hype. This natural fiber diaper is comprised of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton, which provides 30% more absorbency than the 3.1. And believe me: I put this feature to the test this week. My active 16-month-old caught my nasty flu bug this week, and let’s just say, even his thinnest, ickiest poops stayed contained. The insert and lining proved their absorbency powers, and the soft PUL outer maintained a perfect, dry seal. Plus, I was able to wash and dry this fluff so fast and get it right back on the bum in very little time—just one warm dry cycle was needed. Thanks to its modern design, this easily became my go-to diaper during our battle with the bug.

Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper

Fit ✩✩✩✩ If you were already a fan of the fit of this diaper’s predecessor, you’re in luck: the Dream Diaper has the same fit as the 3.1 Smart One, featuring a 4-rise snap setting and wide elastic around the legs, which sets you up for a snug fit at any age and size (8-35 lbs roughly). Basically, the major difference between these two diapers is that added pocket feature. And though I clearly love, love, love the pocket option, especially with my heavy-wetter toddler, it’s worth mentioning that the pocket flap did sometimes peek out the top/front of the diaper under the belly button, but it can easily be tucked back in. Other than that, the softness of the waterproof outer layer and hemp/organic cotton lining makes for such a seamless, yet flexible fit.

Overall: This all-in-one, pocket diaper mashup has already withstood days, nights, and icky viruses in our household, and it’s still as pretty and as soft as the day it arrived. The Dream Diaper coins convenience; its materials are quality, it epitomizes versatility, and it’s equipped with some serious absorbency, all while still looking slim. These things will likely make this a highly coveted diaper for a long, long time. I think you’ll all agree that this release from Smart Bottoms was well worth the wait, whether you’ve been hoping for a better daytime solution, nighttime solution, or a diap that can do both. I mean…I think it’s a dream come true: don’t you?

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet (in stock now)


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