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Smart Bottoms AI2 Reviews
Smart Bottoms AI2

Update: Smart Bottoms no longer makes this diaper.
I was given a Smart Bottoms Smart Cover and 2 insert options while attending ABC Kids Expo. I reviewed them over the course of 6 months. Unfortunately I was having some trouble with leaks with the Too Smart PUL backed insert and consulted the company for some advice. It was clear after 6 months that the Smartfold insert worked well and I really liked it, but the system as a whole wasn’t working for my son, who is on the chunky side. I have heard from others using this system that it works great for tall, skinny babies who otherwise have trouble finding diapers tight enough for those chicken legs.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩ All-in-Two’s are notorious for not being “simple” systems when compared side by side to an All-in-One or even a pocket. To make the application of an AI2 faster you can add the desired soaker in before the first change. But, if you are switching out inserts sometimes it can be more time consuming with a wriggly baby. If you are using the prefold you can have some pre-folded so you can just lay them inside.  The Too Smart insert has PUL on the back so it keeps the inside of the cover dry.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ The Smart Cover is 16.00 and comes in Small (5-16 pounds) and Large (16+ pounds). The Too Smart PUL backed insert is 8.00. The Smartfold prefold is 7.00. Their entire line of diaper products is made in the USA. They use organic cotton in the Too Smart insert. The Smartfold uses organic hemp/cotton fleece. I would say the Smartfold is the best value, this little prefold is mega-absorbent and has a variety of uses. I wouldn’t personally pay the 8.00 for the Too Smart insert since it wasn’t my favorite.
Performance ✩✩✩ I was reviewing the cover, the Too Smart insert, and the Smartfold prefold. I have to say that the Smartfold was the standout in the bunch. This prefold/insert is soft and super absorbent. Unlike every other traditional prefold on the market, the Smartfold isn’t stiched down. Instead, there are just a few stitches. As it was explained to me by the creators- this allows liquid to pass all the way around the prefold instead of potentially just the core. The stitching in a prefold isn’t a barrier but it could slow the liquid down from seeping into the side layers. I had a hard time telling if the leaks I had using the Too Smart insert were due to the fit of it and the cover, or just lack of absorbency.
Fit ✩✩ Ev really challenged the design of the diaper, especially the Smart Cover. For us the fit of the cover just wouldn’t work. It is designed for those babies with hard to fit, skinny legs. Well, Ev is not one of those kids. If we snapped the hip snap, even to the loosest setting, the elastic (which is a bit thinner than many brands) would leave some pretty deep red marks. To combat this I would leave the hip snap undone completely. That worked to alleviate the redmarks but contributed to some leaking (or that is my theory) but only with the Too Smart PUL back insert. The insert itself fits into the cover well but because it is designed to have some stiffness I think this allowed for some gaps between it and his body, coupled with the gap from open hip snap, contributed to the 3 times I had pee in my lap! Now, the Smartfold is another story. I LOVE this prefold. It is pretty darn awesome, very absorbent, washes up softly, and fits well into the cover (and other covers as well.)
Overall: Sadly, the Smart Cover and Too Smart (PUL backed insert) didn’t do it for me. These two together challenged me. I emailed with Christy, the creator, and we were troubleshooting, but it just wasn’t working. Another complaint was purely aesthetic- those two together create a “poof” at the front of the diaper where the insert lays under the snaps. The back does have a nice smooth look though. The Smartfold worked so well for me, and did work in the cover without leaking, so this pair did work.
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