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Sew Me Organics

As Harper grows she is sleeping longer stretches at night, and though she still wakes up to eat we try to avoid having to change her until morning as the process makes her very frustrated and she has a much harder time falling back asleep afterward. Because of this, we’ve actually been on the lookout for a quality nighttime diaper with natural materials and excellent absorption. I was thrilled when I learned we’d be reviewing an organic fitted and organic wool cover from This is Sew Me Organics. The fitted I’m reviewing has a straight stitch edge, but it is also available with a surged edge.

As a WAHM, the founder of This is Sew Me is really passionate about choosing quality materials for the products she offers. She also sells all-in-two diapers, wool longies, and mama pads. I love that her diapers are organic, one of the main reasons I chose cloth is because I feel uneasy about all the chemicals in disposables sitting against my baby’s delicate skin.

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With any fitted you can expect an extra step since you’ll need to put the diaper on the baby followed by a cover (unless you’re at home and comfortable going coverless until the fitted becomes damp. I haven’t tried this myself since my baby is not mobile yet and my rug would know she’s wet before I would). I don’t mind the additional step with a well made wool cover, though. It pulls on just like shorts but has a nice stretch to it so I can make sure everything is covered.

This diaper features four rise settings and snaps in place. I noticed (as you’ll see in the video) that this particular diaper appears to have some weak snaps. The top rows fastens just fine, but the somewhat bulkier fold of material that makes up the rise setting Harper needs was a different story. The snaps repeatedly popped open, and when I use this diaper I find myself leaving it at a higher rise (despite the Urkel effect) to avoid the frustration. This is not normal for this diaper, and if you find yourself with this issue you can send the diaper back to have it repaired, so it won’t be a concern.  (editor’s note: I emailed the maker of TISMO and she said that it was a weak snap that probably resulted in not pressing hard enough on the snap press but it would be an easy fix.  It has happened on other diapers before for me, including manufactured “big name” diapers.)

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”22″ size_format=”px”]Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩[/typography]

At 30.23 for a fitted, I’d say the price is about average for a fitted but the quality is excellent. Sew Me Organics uses 20% bamboo charcoal and 80% organic cotton on the interior and 100% organic cotton on the exterior. I’m always willing to pay a little more for quality materials and good design, and this diaper is no exception.

The wool covers range from 26.20 to 33.25 depending on the size you choose (newborn to XL are available). You can also request to have a soaker layer sewn in for an additional 5 dollars, and to have the wool lanolized and ready to wear for an additional 2 dollars. Based on prices I’ve seen for similar styles, I’d say this is a great price. And I know quite a few busy moms who would be thrilled to pay an extra couple bucks to have the wool lanolized so they don’t have to deal with that time consuming step right away.

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This diaper may have spoiled me. I find myself wishing that all my microfiber inserts were magically replaced with charcoal bamboo. I’ve always heard about bamboo being amazing, even before I started talking to people about diapers, but I’d never heard of charcoal bamboo. It’s everything you could want in a fabric. Like wool, it is breathable and antibacterial, it also dries quickly and is soft against your skin. As an added bonus, the porous material is said to adjust to any level of humidity. Living in Florida, I’m soaked with humidity. Anything that promises to cooperate with that is a-ok in my book. I’ve also read that charcoal bamboo has a deodorizing quality. Supposedly the odors are absorbed. I can’t testify to that, in my opinion a pee soaked diaper still smells like pee, no matter what it’s made of. But after a wash cycle it smells fresh as a daisy (Hi. My name’s Lara. And I sniff clean diapers) every time.

The main reason I wish I had more of this stuff is the absorbency. Harper eats a LOT. And she goes through quite a few diapers every day. Just one more reason I am so glad we use cloth. At night, my heavy wetter needs something that is up to the challenge. I’ve yet to meet an all-in-one or a pocket that can handle her. This fitted, however, is amazing. Some mornings I’ll remove her cover and the fitted will barely feel damp on the outside. That’s a lot of absorbency considering some other fitteds will be soggy and practically dripping by sun up. I love knowing that Harper has organic natural materials against her skin, and I love even more that they are wicking moisture away from her body and keeping her happy and dry.


[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”22″ size_format=”px”]Fit ✩✩✩✩[/typography]

This diaper fits snugly and Harper seems comfortable in it. As with many fitteds she does need to size up her pants if we’re leaving the house, however the two inserts (each made with three layers of material) snap in and you can remove one of them to reduce the profile if you’re concerned about it. I don’t mind a fluffy butt, especially with a baby that will be learning to stand soon and can anticipate many tumbles. A little extra cushioning doesn’t hurt.

I did notice that Harper gets red indentations from the thigh elastic when I remove the fitted. She doesn’t seem bothered by them at all, and they fade before her next diaper change.

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One thing I can’t help but gush about is the prints. My first reaction to reading that these diapers are organic was to assume the materials would be rather simple and boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I reviewed an adorable fitted in a print called “scamper yellow” featuring sweet little raccoons amongst wildflowers. I looked over the website and saw dozens of fun choices, most of which are gender neutral but still really eye catching and unique.

Sew Me Organics also offers their wool covers in lovely naturally dyed colors, I couldn’t help eyeing the tie dye.

I love how absorbent these diapers are, and with both inserts and one of their sleek wool covers, I’d consider this a bulletproof nighttime option. I don’t reach for it as much during the day, not because of the bulk but because it’s usually in the wash ready for the next night. I’ve met parents who cloth diaper during the day but switch to disposables at night (because that weird blue gel sucks up everything) and while I’m very do-what-works-best-for-you I still wish they’d give these a try, they practically have super powers.

Where to Buy: This is Sew Me Organics (FYI this is a Canadian Company and so diapers would be shipping from Canada, great if you are Canadian!)


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