Rumpkinz One Size Pocket Review


Update: it appears Rumpkinz no longer makes cloth diapers.

Rumpkinz is a WAHM brand with several options but today I am reviewing their One Size Pocket.  It has a minky outer with hidden PUL so the diaper is waterproof.  Rumpkinz cloth diapers are known for their large selection of embroidery designs.  I was sent a Kermit to review.  I’ve seen fun custom diapers with names, teams, and other characters as well.  The only thing that is confusing is how to actually buy their diapers.  I suggest that you follow their facebook page where they post diapers for sale since this seems to be easier than their website.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Being a pocket diaper you will need to stuff an insert inside before using, and remove it before washing. Each tab has 2 snaps per tab at the end so it is quite easy even for a snapping diaper to get it onto the baby. Resizing the rise is simple with a snap down/up rise, although sometimes that thick minky fabric bunches up. That adds all of 1-3 extra seconds between snapping so I promise it is a miniscule inconvenience and you only need to re-size every few months. It was a simple diaper all around and should work great for any parent.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ Because these diapers are typically auctioned or bid on the prices can vary but they looks to sell for between $17-$20 a piece, which is extremely affordable and is less than I would expect to pay for a diaper of this quality and made with these matierals by a WAHM. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t pay this price! It is a steal. The only small issue is the insert might not be absorbent enough alone so you might need a different one or to add one.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I’ve used this diaper a lot because my son asks for it! Overnight with their insert plus a microfiber insert worked great for us and we didn’t have any wicking in the morning. For days I can use the included insert. Ev is not a heavy wetter and I can guess that other babies might need more than the one insert.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ I actually love how this fits around Everett’s waist. It is a perfect fit and in fact I am tempted to say it fits his waist better than any other diaper I own currently. And even for a minky diaper it isn’t that bulky. It just looks comfortable which is important! The elastic around the legs is wide and so is the elastic on the back, and it is covered in the inner fabric so it is soft and comfortable. As I mention in the video, the thinner the elastic the higher the chance of red marks and potentially painful ones. (More on this in a post about red marks from cloth diapers).
Overall: I’m so happy I got the chance to review these because they work really well for my son and I’m sure will work well for others too. Usually I don’t favor minky diapers but this one is getting a lot of play here, partly because Ev gravitates towards the Kermit and partly because I love how it fits and know it will work for any situation. It’s a great WAHM diaper and worth the hunt to find them.
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