Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling Review

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It took a long time for me to get the ring sling love.  Much if it stemmed from human error, when I improperly threaded my sling causing adjustments to be a pain.  Even today I have a hard time threading and have to watch a video to do it.

I bought my Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling when I was pregnant.  I searched around for a while trying to decide which carrier to purchase.  After I decided a ring sling was the way to go, I then had to choose a brand.  I decided on Rockin’ Baby because I was in love with their patterns.  I like to think of myself as fairly “hip” and wanted something really fun and funky.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but by buying from Rockin’ Baby I was supporting a great company.  They make all of their slings in the US,right in the LA area.  And employ moms and dads.  They also pay a fair wage.

About Rockin’ Baby:

As Rockin’ Baby has grown over the years we have found that the most important aspect of making slings and pouches is quality. For that reason we do everything here in Los Angeles where we can be sure of quality control. We make sure that all of our fabrics are made of natural fibers, breathable and of high-quality. They are all pre-washed in natural salt water to set the colors, prevent shrinkage, and soften the fabric. All edges on our slings and pouches are overlocked then seamed twice to ensure no tearing or fraying at the edges. We also use 40 lb weight thread as it increases the strength of the Rockin’ Baby Sling and Pouch. Our reversible slings are made with 5 yards of fabric. Our pouches are fully adjustable and reversible with zippers, and are made with 3 yards of fabric. We have also started making slings and pouches out of 100% organic cotton sateen and poplin, using low impact dyes, in our own exclusive Rockin’ Baby prints.

rockingThe sling itselt is comfortable to wear.  You have to realize that you are using one shoulder.  It is comfortable but like everything, im moderation.  I would not wear a heavier child in the sling for hours at a time.  I use this sling for quick shopping trips when my baby may not want to stay in the cart or stroller.  I can throw him in quickly and pull him out once he is ready.  When your baby is younger and only weighs 10 pounds or so, wearing them in a ring or pouch sling won’t be as big of an issue.  Twenty pounds on one shoulder, no matter how well designed, is going to start to smart after a few hours.

One of my favorite features of the sling is the pocket on each side of the tail.  If you are just popping your baby in and running inside of the post office or store, you can fit keys, wallet, and a cell phone inside.  This will further free your hands and back from carrying a purse or diaper bag for a super quick trip.

The reason I purchased my sling from Rockin’ Baby was due to the high quality that I read about. The fabric is strong and the sewing is top notch. The only negative about my sling has been the thickness of the fabric. Because it is so thick I have had a hard time pulling it through the rails. It really has to be threaded perfectly and spread out a lot to glide through. That takes practice, so there is a definite learning curve to this ring sling versus some of the others made from thinner fabric.  If you had a pouch sling from Rockin’ Baby than you wouldn’t need to worry with that part. The good news is that Rockin’ Baby has taken the guess work out of using your sling or pouch.  They have a GREAT tutorial on their website.  I used that to help me learn my sling.

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