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I think it is impossible for most women to accept their bodies.  If you love your body 100% then I applaud you!  I would love to say that I have accepted my post-partum body but this is not the case.  I have stretch marks on my breasts, a few on my stomach, the thighs, butt, and even on my calves!  My stomach is still squishy even though I have lost all of my baby weight.  My breasts are larger and saggier.  I miss my A cups!  I am a completely different shape than I used to be.  I am proud of the work I have done to lose my weight but there is absolutely more work to be done.

I came across this blog today – The Belly Project– showing real women’s stomachs.  Most depict post-partum stomachs.  There are large, small, stretch marked, sagging, and even pregnant stomachs in the gallery.  Each photo gives the history of the belly.  Pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, etc.  Of course the photo is anonymous.

 Hands on stomach of a pregnant woman

This blog reminded me of another website I came across about real breasts.  I remember when I was first getting my boobs I always thought they looked weird.  I had never really seen breasts other than the ones I had.  At home I would look at them braless, in a t-shirt, and compare the shape.  Did they look normal?  I didn’t think so.  I bet a lot of other girls and women think their breasts are abnormal.  This website- Normal Breast Gallery–  shows breasts, also anonymous.   It is a refreshing glimpse of  what “real” women are hiding underneath their push up bras.

On the previous site was a link to another real body website- The Shape of a Mother– that is a more comprehensive gallery of real bodies.  They cover everything, categorized by type of birth, pregnant, breasts, belly, inspirational, plus size, and many many more.   The photos also have stories about the history of the particular mother detailing why and how they got their bodies.  The comments are all very uplifting and positive!

Perhaps I will get up the courage to submit my photos and see what commenters what say.  I wish everyone would see these pictures.  Bodies come in so many shapes and sizes, why should any woman feel bad about herself?

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