Real or Fake? A Fun Baby Products Printable Game

Real or Fake- A Fun Baby Products Baby Shower Game
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It’s time for a new game to play at your next baby shower that doesn’t involve chocolate in diapers or sucking milk from a bottle!  Today moms are more knowledgable about baby products than ever before, thanks in part to social media and those dedicated product reviewers like the infamous BabyGuyNYC.  Not only that, but inventors are constantly trying to solve the struggles and problems parents face when raising babies.  Their resulting products can either become a new baby shower gift staple or a “what the heck were they thinking” product that makes you wonder if they ever even had a human baby!

To poke a little fun at some of these products I created “Real or Fake?  A Fun Baby Products Game” meant to be played at baby showers.  Hosts can download, print, and cut out the cards.    As a bonus there is also an online QUIZ if you are dying to try the game but don’t have a baby shower to host or attend!  While I didn’t make it explicitly about cloth diapers it does of course include them!  Play the online Real or Fake Quiz now.

There are two ways to play using your printed cards:

Real or Fake- A Fun Baby Products Baby Shower Game

Call and Answer as a Group: Have one person hold the cards and read the back (all text) side of each card aloud.  At the end of the reading they will ask the group “Real or Fake?” The group can shout their answers and the reader will announce if it is real or fake.  No one keeps score and everyone has a blast!


Call and Answer- Taking Score:  Still have a person hold the cards and read the back (all text) aloud.  All participants in the group will number 1-14 and write “Real or Fake” next to each number.  The caller will need to keep cards in order as they’re called out.  At the end, the caller will reveal the correct answers, whoever scores the most correct answers, wins.

Once you download the file you will need to print them- preferably on card stock.  Depending on your printer you’ll need to download one of two files.  File 1 is for printers that are fancy enough print front and back in one go (two-sided printers).   File 2 is a bit more involved, you will need to manually print the fronts then print the backs.  You’ll want to determine which direction your printer feeds to decide which way to lay the already printed fronts to be printed on the back.  If you’re totally confused take the files to your local printing shop and spend a couple bucks to have them print and slice ’em up for you.

Printable Baby Shower Game

Once you have them printed, either use scissors to cut out the cards or a paper cutter.


Then all you need to do is have a great time laughing with friends. I won’t spoil the game for you, but I will say that some baby products should have remained in the mind of the inventor and some products sounds terrible but don’t knock them til you try them!  Don’t forget you can play it online too!

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