Ready to party? Join 1 or all of these Cloth Diaper Twitter Parties!

Earth Day is right around the corner, and so are lots of Twitter Parties focusing on Cloth Diapers.

I have already blogged about one of them, but I am going to give you the rundown of all the parties happening.  This is a great way to win more cloth diapers if you are just starting out!  It is also a way to talk to other cloth diapering experts and parents, and of course, to have FUN!

Parent by Nature is having a #Yclothdiapers contest.  It isn’t technically a party but you totally want to participate because the prize is a 1,000 gift card to their store.

I don’t have a whole lot of info on this yet but make sure to follow @ParentbyNature on Twitter and they will release the details soon.

April 21- Dish the Dirt on #clothdiapers with Earth Mama Angel Baby.  7 pm EST.  Hosted by @mamamelinda, @3greenangels and @sharicrisco.  Use hashtag #ecowed.

This month, Wednesday, April 21, we’re talking cloth! Once the nappie-flapping starts, things can get crazy! People love their cloth diapers, and if you have questions about where to start, hallelujahs about how they work, or support for nappie-newbies, join us. We be giving Angel Baby Bottom Balm away during the party too, because we hear it works great with cloth diapers.10 pm EST (7 pm PST), join Earth Mama Angel Baby and 3 Green Angels @3greenangels and expert Shari Criso @sharicriso.

April 22- Bambino Mio Party at 11 am- 12 pm EST.  Hosted by @BambinoMio and @NewBabyProducts.  Use Hashtag #bambinomio.

This twitter party will discuss Bambino Mio Cloth diapers (you can view my video review of them here) and how to save money and reduce waste by using their system.  You will also have the chance of winning 300.00 worth of prizes!  View more information on the Regal Lager website and register.

April 22- Get Real- The Inside Poop on Cloth Diapers hosted by @EcoMomMedia.  Use hashtag #GetRealDiapers.  9pm-10pm EST. You will need to register.

This party is geared toward helping you learn about #clothdiapers.  In addition to discussion participants can win prizes.  Some are meant for those who are not currently cloth diapering, others are meant for cloth diaper advocates and those making referrals.  This party is a biggie!

April 29- @Diapershop’s 9 Year Anniversary Twitter Party.  Hosted by @EcoMomMedia and @Diapershops.  Use hashtag #diapershops. You will need to register.

Celebrate DiaperShops’ 9 year anniversary and have a chance to win lots of cloth diaper prizes.  Make sure you register.

And don’t forget about the weekly #clothdiapers chat.  This one is held every monday and begins around 8:30 EST and lasts for hours so the West Coast mommies can chat too.  Just use the #clothdiapers hashtag to join in.  No registration needed.

Here is a quick tutorial to join chats.

First, go to

Next, choose the 1×2 option.

Click the "1x2" image shown here.
Click the "1x2" image shown here.

Finally, enter in your Twitter name and password, and in one column type in @YourTwitterName and the other the #hashtag (ex. #clothdiapers) that you want to search for.  Next to where you type your tweets also enter the same #hashtag so that when you tweet it will automatically be included.  Then enter text and join the party.  Anyone tweeting in response to you (@) will show in the left column.  All participants in the party will show up in the right column since they are using the #hashtag designated.

Enter your information.  I used examples to illustrate what to do.
Enter your information. I used examples to illustrate what to do. Click to view this larger

If you want to reply to someone’s tweet, for instance, the host who is asking a trivia question, hovering over their tweet will make icons appear in the bottom right corner.  Click the arrow pointing left and this will @TheirTwitterName in your status bar.  Then type your reply.  You can also manually type in @TheirTwitterName to reply.

Notice the icons on the bottom right
Notice the icons on the bottom right

These are the basics to get you started!

If you know of another Cloth Diaper Twitter Party let me know and I will add it to the list.

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