Prince Lionheart WashPOD Review+Giveaway (2/11)

The Prince Lionheart WashPOD is something I was very excited about trying for Everett.  Like many parents, I had a 2 sided plastic tub which fit in the sink for my first son.  After we moved our new house only had 1 sink basin.  Not really great for this type of tub.

When I was selected as a Prince Lionheart Elite blogger I was able to choose an item to review.  The WashPOD was very intriguing so this was first on my list.

From the photo it should be clear this is a “bucket” style bath tub.  The design is meant to be close quartered to remind the baby of their previous cozy home.  The tub is meant for babies 0-6 months.

Favorite Features:

  • Easy to insert foam cushion meant to give a little dip for the baby’s bottom to fit in.  Baby won’t slip around.
  • Lightweight.  Even with water it can easily be lifted and moved around.
  • Clear so you can see the adorableness of the baby inside, all squishy and round.
  • My baby LOVES it. He is all smiles inside and would stay in as long as the water was warm.
  • Small footprint so I can use it inside our big tub and bathe both children together.
  • The fact that the baby is sitting makes washing under the chin very easy.
  • Also, since they are upright, washing their full head and rinsing is a breeze.

Not so Favorite:

  • The most obvious dislike is that washing the nether crevices is more difficult than a larger tub.  Luckily this area gets wiped a lot!
  • There is very little water, so when/if they make a poopy they are literally in all poop.  It has happened.  It is ugly.
  • The way it makes my son sit has caused him to spit up, a lot.  I try to make sure he hasn’t eaten within the hour when I bathe him.
  • Somewhat hard to get the baby out when finished, but I can get him in and out alone.  I just get wet.
  • I wish there were a plug.  I would rather drain it then remove him so that I could rinse him in clean water.

Despite the drawbacks I still favor this tub to the sink style tub.  I always bathe him while he is in the big bath tub, and I bathe him and his brother at the same time.  Since Everett loves his WashPOD so much he is content while I wash his brother.  I honestly look forward to bath time because both boys enjoy it and it is almost guaranteed happy time for everyone.

I didn’t get the WashPOD until after Everett was over a month old.  I didn’t get to try it on a new, newborn.  And since Everett had awesome head control and was big to begin with it is even hard to imagine how it would work with one.  I don’t know at the rate he is growing if it will last until 6 months either, but I am hoping it lasts until he can sit unsupported at least.  At that point we will use the big tub.

Where to buy: (blue or white version available)

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