Pooters Hybrid Review

Pooters Hybrid

The Pooters Hybrid (AI2) cover and insert system has been tested for quite a long time here in the Rosas house. Funny story- I should have posted this review a long time ago but each time I went to film and had my camera set up and ready the darn thing was dirty! On one occasion my husband unknowingly grabbed it minutes before I was going to film since it was set aside and put it on my son. I ran over but alas, he had already done his work and it was wet. I apologize to the company for the long wait but this is a prime example of why I now request 2 diapers for reviewing- one to test and one to film.

You can use this diaper a number of ways, as a hybrid with disposable inserts, as an All-in-Two with reusable inserts such as the one they sell or any of your own prefolds/flats/inserts, or as a cover over fitteds or other diapers. The cover is One Size and you can buy either bamboo or hemp inserts to go inside.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The best part of the Pooters Hybrid is how easy it is to use. Their insert lays on the inside of the diaper very easily without having to finagle it into the opening or snap anything inside. You could also just as easily use trifolded prefolds, pad folded flats, or a variety of other inserts as long as the material is safe for baby’s skin. If you use this as an All-in-Two (AI2) you can very easily remove the wet insert and replace with a fresh one. If your baby has soiled the diaper and waste is on the cover you’ll just change into a whole new set. Hybrids/AI2’s are popular because they save money by allowing you to only purchase a small number of covers but more inserts.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ On the Pooters website you can order a reusable cover for $11.00 and their inserts for $5.00 each. Remeber that if you buy this system you will need more inserts than covers. You could get away with 2 covers per day ($22) and depending on the age of your child 5-8 inserts at $25-$40. If you wash every other day you would be out a minimum of $100 but you might want a few more covers/inserts to go longer between washes or you could bulk up your stash with cheaper flats or flour sack towels as inserts. The covers have a wipeable inner layer so you can wipe clean between uses if need be.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The insert has a stay dry layer although you cna use it either way. Made from bamboo terry (they also have a pricier hemp version) it was very absorbent for us. It would work great with any other AI2 system or even as a pocket insert as well. You could customize it by folding up one or both sides to make it shorter. I used it in conjunction with a microfiber doubler as an overnight diaper and that worked well for us too with no leaks. I did witness some bunching as the insert would shift a little after Ev’s movements. For some people this could lead to leaking but it didn’t happen with us. The cover didn’t leak and has worked well without any issues for us so far other than some stitching that has begun to unravel along a hem on the inside. That didn’t cause any problems as of yet but it is worrisome that it happened. If I had purchased the cover I would look into their 1 Year Replacement Warranty to see if it covers that. I’ve never had any issues with Pooters before and I would hope it was covered.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ The cover itself is one size and has a snap down rise to adjust as your baby grows. Like any OS it will likely not fit a newborn until they bulk up enough, especially the legs. It says it fits 8-40 pounds but in my experience One Size diapers have leaks on babies under 10-14 pounds, depending on brand and your baby’s build. I obviously didn’t test these on a newborn but I do have experience with a variety of OS covers and diapers to source from. When Ev wore the diapers because the cover has some room even with the insert inside when worn sometimes it looked saggy between the legs if the insert was wet and heavy. Of course that meant he needed to be changed but it is something to be aware of.
Overall: As always I love the inserts Pooters chose and would use these in any of the covers I own, and have. The cover worked for us but I prefer for my AI2 covers to have more strength/stiffness. The Pooters cover is “flimsy” feeling and thinner and is the type of cover I would rather use as just a plain cover (and you can do that with these) but since it is marketed as a Hybrid/AI2 I’m testing it as such. It still works but when something is held only in between the legs I just like more structure to keep it in place and keep it from sagging or bunching. This is ALL up to personal preference so again I want to stress that the diaper itself worked but I would choose a different cover style for my own tastes.
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