Play All Day Snapping Merino Wool Cover Review

woolweek copy This post is part of “All About Wool Week” on Dirty Diaper Laundry.

Play All Day Diapers was a brand that I “shockingly” had never heard of.  How it escaped my diaper radar is beyond me.  Play All Day Diapers are back to basics.  They come in earthy tones, or even just natural un-dyed, and are meant to be a functional diaper with no frills.

playdI was given a Certified Organic Merino Wool Cover with snaps to test out.  This one was natural, completely undyed.  If I felt the notion I could dye it myself with kool-aid, something I haven’t tried yet but may in the future.  The diaper has three snaps on each flap, and one snap for crossing the tabs over.  It only comes in two sizes, NB/S and M/L.  I have the M/L version, which fits my son well at 10 months and 20 pounds.

I had a good experience with this cover even though the first time I used it I had a small leak.  It was the fault of a fitted that wasn’t fully prepped (I know, silly me.)  Later uses were fine, so I know the halfway prepped fitted was the culprit.

I will say that I wish the snaps sizing were a little different.  I felt the way they were now was just a little off.  Obviously it still fit him, but the wool gathered up just a teeny bit in between the snapped portions.  It is hard to describe.  Maybe the one I had the tab snaps were spaced minutely different than those on the diaper.

Play All Day does have dyed versions of these, including a very cute olive and chocolate.  I am excited for the wool long johns to come out, which I think will be a nice addition to their product line up.

Kimberly_Julian_Logorecration_071809_4UnitsAbout Play All Day Diapers:

When (Kim) I started the business in March 2008, I made all the diapers for the business myself. Now I am fortunate to have the help of very talented seamstresses who work out of their homes. I still make some Play All Day diapers, because I really enjoy putting together these pieces of fabric that will make a little child comfortable and happy.

Play All Day Diapers are proudly made in the USA by Kim and a seamstress.  You may pay a little extra but you know your money is going to hard working moms.

The other cool thing about Play All Day Diapers is that they have a one year warranty! This is a comforting thought, especially when I have purchased so many diapers that didn’t last.  Knowing that Kim stands behind her products is very cool!

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