Plastic FREE July Challenge + Giveaway

Every one of us has the ability to make a small change that ultimately makes a huge impact.  This month is Plastic Free July and the chance to challenge yourself- make one small change in your lifestyle to cut the amount of plastic you bring in.  Call it “pre-cycling.”  I love the folks at BALM! Baby who are inspiring this challenge and that they understand how hard it is to change our daily habits and routines, so one small change is something!
Plastic Free July Challenge + Giveaway

Challenge Details:

  •  Challenge will start July 1& end July 31, 2014. Form must be filled out & filled out HERE (it’s short)
  • Switch one thing either within your household or your place of business within the month of July that helps to reduce plastic use. Then post a picture to our FB (
  • Make sure you ALSO enter the GIVEAWAY via Rafflecopter (SEE BELOW).  We added a giveaway to show our appreciation for the support of you taking the challenge.
  • Prizes include: $100 Gift Card to be used at our online shop ( * Glass Dharma $25 Gift Card * Pura $50 Gift Pack * SmartBottoms AIO Cloth Diaper (One Size ORGANIC) * Irresistibly Green $25 Gift Card * Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold set * Brinware Plate Set * PLUS Stay tuned for MORE!
  • Baby Steps Peeps! Don’t stress or get all “perfectionist” like I do! I know it can be intimidating sometimes, so just focus on your one little baby step. (:::

WHY Take the Challenge?

Most people are unaware that plastic is a huge issue, not just to our planet, but our health.
Our Planet: Plastic will NEVER break down. 2oz. of plastic will ALWAYS be 2oz. of plastic & can only be down-cycled / up-cycled so many times.

Our Health: When plastic is used for food or skin care containers, there are health concerns because plastic can leech, especially when warmed up,making even natural products become full of toxic chemicals, and therfore, no longer natural.

Get Informed! Be Part of the solution!

 Switch Ideas:

* Switch items with plastic material to more sustainable materials (glass, stainless steel, wood, clay, fabric, aluminum, etc.)
* Buy some re-usable stainless steel or glass water bottles instead of plastic ones.
* Buy some re-usuable stainless steel or glass food containers.
* Buy in BULK, taking your re-usable containers in to fill up.

Feel free to switch as MANY things as you’d like (just don’t overwhelm yourselves!).

One of the things I’ve done in recent years has been to bring my reusable bags with me, and not just to the grocery store.  Target, one of my regular haunts, even gives a small discount per bag.  Am I perfect at remembering?  Of course not!  But by placing bags in places like my car, in the hallways I exit from each day, and a small one in my purse I’m more prepared than not.

As cloth diapering families you are already greatly impacting the planet by keeping disposables out of landfills.  Not only that, but consider the plastic packaging that wraps those disposables!  Many cloth diapering companies think carefully about the way they package, display, and ship their diapers too!  Being that disposables can take hundreds of years to break down this is a problem that isn’t going away- it is multiplying.

So consider joining the challenge and entering the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Plastic Free July (the organization that started it all), has their Challenge that we highly recommend doing.  You can find more info. on it & sign up HERE:

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