Petunia Picklebottom ERGObaby Review

My first ERGO was purchased used from a woman on Craigslist.  Prior to owning it I wasn’t babywearing much, if at all.  I purchased a ring sling when pregnant with my first son and just couldn’t get the hang of it.  Back then I was a complete newbie to babywearing and parenting.  I read online how amazing the ERGO was and when I saw one for 75.00, gently used, I jumped at the chance.

That carrier introduced me to the wonderful world of babywearing and at a great price!  Knowing what I know now I would have paid anything to have that carrier and have it work as well as it did.  He almost lived in his ERGO.  Months later we started exploring other carriers but the ERGO has a special place in my heart as my introduction to comfortable babywearing.

You can imagine when I heard that Petunia Pickle Bottom (the brand of diaper bag I also use and love) and ERGObaby teamed up that I was over the moon.  My old black ERGO was faded.  It still worked like a charm, but I used it less and less in favor of my other “prettier” carriers like my Boba.

An opportunity to try the PBB ERGO came courtesy of Mom’s Milk Boutique.  They kindly offered to bring one to the ABC Kids Expo for me and I said “OH GOD YES.”  Well…. I was thinking that but I kindly accepted in a less eenthusiastic, more professional way.

Since that time I have been using the PBB ERGO on a very regular basis.  I chose the Peaceful Portofino which goes beautifully with my son’s bright blue eyes.  I love all three of the prints so it was a very difficult choice.  I got to see all of them, and the other new colors and prints of the ERGO when I attended the ABC Kids Expo.

As a Petunia Pickle Bottom owner who is familiar with the depth and beauty of their brocade prints I was curious how they would translate over to the ERGO.  I love them on a diaper bag but was just a little apprehensive about that fabric on a carrier.  Luckily they just translated their STYLE of print to a flat cotton material.  I think this works best for durability and washing reasons.

The carrier itself is still an ERGO which means it is insanely comfortable for Moms, Dads, and caregivers to wear their babies and toddlers.  You can also nurse in it, wear a newborn while using their Heart2Heart insert, and use it for front and back carries.

Mom’s Milk Boutique sells the Petunia Picklebottom ERGObaby Carrier as well as their standard carriers in the new colors like the Mystic Purple (which is stuning in person!), the Performance ERGObaby Carrier, and their Organic Carriers.  You can find all of the ERGObaby accessories there including my favorite, the front pouch.  I kid you not, I use it every day as my purse.

Right now MMB is having a special.  If you buy a full price ERGObaby carrier receive a free Infant Insert.  This doesn’t include the Petunia Picklbottom Carriers.  ERGObaby carriers also ship FREE!

Pssst…… Don’t forget to RSVP and attend the #MilkMiles Twitter Party for Mom’s Milk Boutique. There are a gazillion prizes to be handed out in just 1 hour, including a few ERGObaby front pouches! My fav! It all goes down November 22 at 9 PM EST.

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