Peenut from Tots Bots Cloth Nappy System Review

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On the 10th I celebrated my 32nd birthday, and while I didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary my husband was able to take a vacation day so we could spend the entire afternoon together. Before I started my shift that evening, my husband even put together a fire in the bowl in the backyard and let Harper stay up late to make S’mores with us. It was a really fun and low key way to mark the anniversary of another year, and I’m glad we didn’t try to go too crazy considering how many other projects and deadlines I had on my plate. How do you celebrate grown up birthdays in your house? Do you like to spend time together as a family or get a little personal pampering time? What would you say was your favorite birthday?

Tots Bots Peenut

Today I’m so thrilled to share the Peenut nappy system from Tots Bots. This easy to use system helps you get the most out of your diaper stash with minimal effort and the popular cover and hook and loop design from Tots Bots we know and love.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This nappy system includes a set of covers with the generously sized super strong hook and loop tape Tots Bots is known for, and a pair of thick absorbent pads made from an ingenious blend of bamboo with a hidden layer of microterry sandwiched in the center for additional absorbency and faster drying. Tots Bots also offers fleece or disposable “spun lace” liners which can make clean up easier, protect your baby’s skin, and keep your nappies looking their best. I found Autumn was much happier during long car trips if she had a fleece liner on, it helped keep moisture completely off her skin. The beauty of this all in two system is the pair of strong resin snaps on each insert and on the interior of the cover. The snaps keep the inserts from shifting, allowing even early morning/half asleep diaper changes to go smoothly without fuss. The snaps on the underside of the insert will touch your baby’s skin, but after using this system in heavy rotation for the past month I found that they did not bother my little one at all.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The beauty of an all in two system is that you can purchase less covers and more inserts to maximize utility and minimize cost and laundry. While the individual prices (seventeen ninety five for a PeeNut cover and fourteen ninety five for a pair of the day to night pads) might seem a bit high if considered as a single diaper, it is best to consider the cost per wear when looking at the system and pieces as a whole. If you compare the price of eight wraps/covers and sixteen insert sets to the cost of sixteen all in one diapers, including some thicker for night time etc, the savings are there. Consider how much less water you use when you have less laundry to do and the reasoning behind an all in two system like this becomes crystal clear.

TotsBots Peenut Absorbency

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the clever blend of natural and high tech materials in the inserts, this diaper is impressively absorbent. And while the cover may seem a little thin at first glance, it has proven to be exceptionally strong and held up to unwieldy curious tot abuse, crawling, falling, and scooting across the patio with no adverse effects. The super strong hook and loop tape holds its own, refusing to submit to my one year old’s exploratory hands and remaining in their exact position until changing time. The tape also remains stuck to its laundry tabs in the wash, avoiding the kind of terrifying laundry incidents most folks who have used other brands of hook and loop tape are familiar with.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These birth to potty one size covers are generously sized, which means they can seem a bit bulky if you are using both inserts at once, but this is normal for a very absorbent system, and the only difference is that you may need to size up on pants a bit. I find this system incredibly convenient for fitting in the diaper bag, since you can bring just one back up cover and a few inserts it takes up very little space. On a two hour car trip I recently put this system on my three year old just to be safe since I knew she’d likely fall asleep and there would be little time to find a restroom if she needed to use the bathroom, and I was happy to see it fit her quite easily and comfortably, which means this diaper may also work for older children who wear diapers.

Overall: I am in love with how easily and efficiently this system works. While I’ve always been a fan of the Tots Bots all in one, this brilliant design makes all in twos so effective and simple it just makes sense. The liners work incredibly well, both the flushable style and the fleece, which makes my laundry routine so quick and easy my husband actually commented on it recently (thinking I was cutting corners perhaps, I was finished so quickly). It made perfect sense, with the PeeNut system there was less laundry to do, less rinsing and less time. Thanks to the wipeable covers and the absorbent inserts I was able to get the wash in and get on with my day. I also adore the bright colors and fun prints Tots Bots PeeNut offers, they are sweet and whimsical and seem to coordinate with so many of my baby’s shirts for picture perfect moments. I would recommend this system as an excellent starter stash, a great way to try the all in two set up for the first time, and an effective option for heavy wetters and overnight.

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