Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews (finally)

I have gotten around to filming a long video on the Newborn (size XS or small) diapers we used on Baby Everett.  Rather than writing out each review I decided to use my laptop camera and talk it out.  This was my first time, I look like poo, but frankly I don’t know when I can get time to do anything other than that!  Some of these diapers were also featured more in depth in other videos I did like the Newborn Cloth Diapering and Newborn Diapers versus their OS Counterparts (Part 1, Part 2).  I hope I am not being too repetitive with this video but I knew a few were left out in both.

This chart is based on my son and his body type.  Please just use this as an idea, not a concrete number.  My son has a very wide waist and chunky thighs and outgrew the newborns quicker than the average baby.  He is 90% for weight and around 80% height.

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