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Spirit-Tracks-box-art-618x552Video Games. Before babies and cloth diapers and blogging I played videos games, often.  I haven’t played them in a while since my son doesn’t provide me with tons of spare time.  Until recently he wasn’t sleeping without hours of cajoling so nights were not even my own.

Then a mysterious package came.  My lovely husband bought not one, but two games for our Nintendo DS.

Zelda Spirit Tracks and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Sweet!

I started playing the Zelda game a few days ago and I am pretty close to the end.  I am a completionist though, so I will go through and find every secret possible.  It is just how I roll.

Why am I telling you this?

Because there is only so much time in my day.  I might slack on the blog while I beat my games!  Oh, and once I get the forthcoming Mario Galaxy 2 I may me MIA for a while!  I was pregnant with my son for Mario Galaxy 1 and played non stop for weeks, forsaking all sleep and food needs.

Hopefully you understand that I need to feed my addiction.  I need to find the next map so I can restore the Spirit Tower and get Princess Zelda’s body back!  Later!

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