Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted and Airflow Cover Review

MotherEase Airflow & Sandy's fitted

This diaper set was another I received almost a year ago for review, but my son did not fit them.  It was only recently that I tried them again and they fit him.  I know I have had many requests to review the Sandy’s Fitted and Air Flow cover from Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers and I knew I would get to, someday!  Enjoy the video and review!

Ease of Use ✰✰As a fitted and cover go, these aren’t that time consuming or complicated.  You have 4 snaps to affix for the fitted and 4 for the cover.  This is 8 all together, less than some fitteds have!  It is very easy when applying on your baby to figure out which snap will work for your baby.  These products are both sized so there aren’t very many choices.  Easy to remove and toss in the pail as well.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ The Sandy’s Fitted is 10.75, a super low price to a fitted that works as well as it does.  The Airflow Cover is also extremely affordable at 12.75.  Just adding two or three of each of these is a small investment for nighttime diapering.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ While these work just fine during the day, I find them best for overnight.  During the day we like pockets for convenience and trimness.  But for night time fitteds have been shown to work best for my son.  He isn’t bothered by feeling wetness so we can swing it.  He wakes up leak free in these.  The first time I used the cover he had some red marks on his thighs so I was worried about using it overnight.  I did it one snap looser on the thighs from then on and no red marks, plus no leaks.  I did use the booster it came with for overnight.

Fit ✰✰✰ The sizes were very confusing to me.  Some stores only have certain sizes, but on the Mother-Ease website they list quite a few choices.  I believe I have the M/L cover.  This fits 20-27 pounds.  It did not fit until around 22 pounds.  The nature of the cover is that it is loose, so even if you get one in the mail and you think it is too large, try it on.  I was dubious it would fit him then but it did.  The Sandy’s is even more confusing.  The sizes go Newborn, Small, Large.  There is no Medium.  We received the Large, which fits 20-35 pounds.  He still has plenty of room to grow in this, and even though it isn’t snug on him it does fit and work.

Overall- For those parents who are concerned about air circulation in the diaper or who are looking for an excellent night time solution, I would suggest trying this combo.  While we won’t likely be using this in our daytime rotation it will be making it into our night time line up for sure.  The fitted is my favorite of the two; it is extremely soft and absorbent, as well as comfortable.  It would also work really great underneath a wool cover.  It will not fit well under certain, more “bikini cut” covers like the Kissaluvs Marvel OS.  The Airflow can work with just about any fitted or prefold.  So, not the most adorable diapers but they are very effective!

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Diapers were received free of charge from Mother-Ease for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and genuine.

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