Mother-ease Cloth diapers was founded in 1991 by Erika Froese, a stay at home mother of five cloth diapered children. Frustrated with her traditional cloth diapers she was determined to design something convenient, reliable and leak free. Once her designs were complete and fully tested she set out to manufacture and sell the most innovative range of cloth diapers in the world.

Our two step “Fitted Cloth Diapers and Covers” revolutionized the diaper industry when they were first released. These time tested products still receive rave reviews for their durability and performance. Our fitted diapers are now offered in a variety of fabrics made exclusively for Mother-ease that include Bamboo, Organic Cotton and a high tech Stay Dry version. Our covers are made from a polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric that took 3 years to develop and is only available from Mother-ease. These covers offer leak free performance and are still an absolute favorite for many parents. …read more about Mother-Ease.

mother-ease-sandysMotherEase Airflow & Sandy's fitted

There is a hardcore ME fan base out there and Kim found the love too.  DDL hasn’t tried their newer products in the line but loves the Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted.  Mother-Ease has been a staple in the cloth diaper community and their products are known for being excellent quality and absorbent.  In an older post from when DDL first discovered the brand this was written “Mother-ease diapers and covers are all made in our own manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada using green power supplied by Bullfrogpower. All of the fabric we use in our diapers is knit in Canada from imported yarns.”

Mother-Ease has added more modern products to their line including the Wizard Uno and Duo line.

DDL has reviewed Mother-Ease Sandy’s and Airflow covers.


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