Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go (TAG) Review

Monkey Doodlez TAG AI2

When I attended the ABC Kids Expo I was able to chat with a lot of cloth diaper manufacturers in person. In some cases, I also walked away with a new diaper to review. One diaper I walked away with was the Monkey Doodlez TAG (Tuck and Go) shell and their soaker pads. This is an All-in-Two system with a fleece gusset that holds in the Pad. I first started using the shell with a prefold (not tucked into the fleece) when I was using a diaper service in Louisville. At home I have been reviewing the diaper with the soaker pads in place and using it as an AI2.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ I found the Pads to have a higher learning curve when it came to the time it took to get them placed properly compared to a snap in style or lay in style AI2. The long, pointy tabs need to be pushed under the fleece gusset just the right way. You will also need to know that they go in one way only.  The widest part of the pad tucks into the back and the narrowest tucks into the front.  You can’t do it the other way around.  After doing it numerous times I felt I found a good method and got the groove of it. After the Pad is in place the diaper goes on easily thanks to velcro closures. Sizing down or up is easy with the snaps in front also.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩ The covers retails for 14.99 each, and Pads are sold in 3 packs for 29.95. I don’t find this to be a great deal if you are looking to save money wit an AI2 system. If you want an AI2 simply for the space saving, simplicity of it all and not just to save money then you will still come out on top compared to disposables. If you do the math it comes to 15.00 per change, which is slightly less than the average one size pocket diaper.  The covers and pads are well made and the velcro is nice and strong.  The cover price isn’t too bad but the Pads are priced more than I would expect to pay.  I am using the Canadian prices since I had a hard time locating a US retailer.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ There was a lot of thought put into the design of this diaper. I was especially impressed with the channeled design that lets any urine collect and re-absorb into the pad before leaking out. I used one pad and the MD shell overnight and realized it wasn’t absorbent enough. There was a small leak and the pad was saturated completely. I would need a doubler or second pad for overnights.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ There are 4 sizes available. The small will fit a newborn (they have a few adorable images of their diaper on squishies) and the Large would fit me. I am not lying. While at ABC Kids they brought one out and it was larger than my underwear. For anyone looking for a night time diaper for an older child give these a look. You will need 2 or more pads a night but the sizing is EXTREMELY generous. Ev wears the Medium-Long and has it snapped down. He was way more room in the waist than he needs now. It is a diaper that will last him until potty training for sure. The Pads also come in sizes to ensure the best, trimmest fit in the covers. The fleece covered elastic look so comfortable. Another feature is that there is only microfleece touching the skin. Many AI2’s have exposed PUL where the soaker doesn’t cover but the TAG doesn’t leave any touching the skin, much like a pocket or AIO.
Overall: The TAG is a great AI2 system for those parents who like the clean surface of a pocket or AIO or for any babies who have a sensitivity to PUL. In the states they aren’t carried in as many retailers as they are in Canada but you can find them. The touch tape used on the tabs is the more plastic kind. It is very strong so pay extra attention to attach them to their laundry tabs. They can cause some real havoc on your other diapers if not. I’m really happy with their sizing options as well; they accommodate a large range including small adults!
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DDL Readers can use code DiaperLaundry15 at Monkey Doodlezand participating retailers now through the 14th and save 15% on TAG Covers and Pads. *note from MD- their shopping cart is providing strange quotes on shipping but disregard.

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