Moboleez hat review: The Nursing Cover alternative

This review was performed and written by DDL contributor Kristen.

logo2webI was given the opportunity to review the MoBoleez Hat, which is a great alternative to a nursing cover.  It is a stylish hat with an extremely wide brim that can be worn by the baby while breastfeeding and it will discreetly cover all that someone could want to cover while nursing.

When I discovered this product I thought it was an extremely amazing idea.  Why had I never thought of this?  Luckily, someone else did and I was able to try it out with my baby.  As I have mentioned in other reviews, I was extremely determined to exclusively nurse my baby this time around but needed to get over the whole “nursing in public” thing.  I was never comfortable with the idea of using a typical nursing cover because I felt like it was like you were wearing a big sign that told everyone you were breastfeeding.  Alternatives like the MoBoleez Hat has helped me to make it much easier and more comfortable for me to nurse in public with my baby.

The MoBoleez Hat is made of all natural cotton/bamboo fabric, which is nice.  It is a lightweight hat, which is great for the summer months or if you live in a hot climate.  The fabrics in the couture collection are made of cotton and a little bit of spandex material.  It is easy to use obviously…just put it on your baby’s head and you are good to go!  It does come in 2 sizes, 0-6 months and 6-12 months.  They were offering a preemie size as well, but it has been discontinued (they still have some available though).

Tropical Tiles Design
Tropical Tiles Design

I really loved using the MoBoleez Hat with my daughter.  It is easy to use, lightweight and I can toss it into my diaper bag and it doesn’t even get wrinkled!  I think it’s an amazing idea for someone who wants an alternative to a traditional nursing cover and yet it provides just as much coverage, without being so obvious as a nursing accessory.  In fact, I have used it a few times as a sun hat and when nursing, I have had people come up and compliment me on Suriah’s cute hat (I was reviewing the couture “tropical tiles” hat).

Kristen, Suriah (in Beco), Emerson (in stroller), Me, and Fletcher (in Boba)
Kristen, Suriah (in Beco), Emerson (in stroller), Me, and Fletcher (in Boba)

I do have a few suggestions though.  I would LOVE to see more designs.  The classic collection has illustrations on them and are cutesy, but cutesy isn’t my thing.  I would like either plain colored hats or simple designs that are more adult-like.  The couture collection has a few nice designs but there are so many nice fabrics out there, I would love to see them offer some different designs.  Also, I was reviewing the 0-6 month size hat.  My daughter has a slightly smaller than average head circumference (30th percentile) and at 5 months, I feel the hat is a little too small for her head.  It fits because it is a nice stretchy material, but I would like to see a chin strap or something so that the hat doesn’t slide its way off her head.  Also, as a modest person, I think the chin strap might be a good idea to assure me that the hat won’t fall off and expose my boob to the public’s eyes!  I LOVE how wide the brim of the hat is and it really makes the difference with coverage, but I would like to see it have a little more structure to it.  It’s pretty floppy, which is nice in that it molds well to the curves of your breast to keep things covered well, but if the wind blows hard in just the right way…it might jeopardize your coverage.  Also, if it had a little more structure to it, I would be able to use it more as a sun hat as well and it would be the best darn sun hat out there, in addition to being a fantastic nursing cover.

All in all though, even with the slight adjustments I would like to see, I think the MoBoleez Hat is a great product and as of right now, it is my favorite nursing cover.  With it being so hot lately, I haven’t wanted to cover up by wearing layers and some of the other nursing cover alternatives I have require more preparation to cover up.  The MoBoleez Hat is easy and it protects my baby from the sun AND it’s cute.  I can’t think of another nursing cover that does all that as well as the MoBoleez Hat!

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Kristen was sent a product sample for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are 100% her own.

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