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Every week I would like to introduce you to another Fluffy Mama.  You have already read my stories about cloth diapering, but this is a great way to understand how other moms have come to use, and love, cloth diapering.  This week, Marisa, mom to two adorable boys, 3 years and 6 months, has answered a few questions.  You can visit her blog, Sleep is for the Weak, to learn more about her and the fam!  She has also started a fantastic 365 project.


D in a Fuzzinbunz
D in a Fuzzinbunz



How long have you been cloth diapering?
We’ve been CD’ing for 6 months. I didn’t CD with my first because of how living situation was at the time and honestly I was naïve to the whole situation. Once he was older and I explored the Internet more I learned about it a lot.

What made you decide to start?
As G (my 3 year old) got older, I started to learn about alternative ways of parenting. Other than the mainstream you see. I was young when I had him so most of what was told to me by those who were concerned, was the opposite of our parenting style now. I started doing research into them and gathered up the information to bring to my husband. I knew he’d be the hardest of everyone to convince. I was right!

When we learned we were pregnant with our son D, I decided to push forward with it even more. I thought that it was not only better for the environment; it was cheaper in the long run and quite adorable. I figure if I was having boys, I wanted something cute for myself to put them in. All in all, the idea of saving the $ we’d spend on disposables was the most appealing to me. I finally won the CD battle and after the hurdle in the start after our son was born, we both grew to really love them. My husband is a big fan now and doesn’t mind washing them if I ask him.

What was your first purchase and why?
Oh goodness, I think my first purchase was a BG! Why? I had heard from a lot of friends that they were a great diaper and they just raved about them. I have since grown our stash of BG’s. I couldn’t tell you the count.

How much do you think you have spent on your diapers total? This includes all children…
A good $400+. We purchased 12 fuzzibunz before D was born. We also have a local CD store that I love going to, my husband has to stop me because when I’ve seen they’ve stocked up, I want to go haha. I have also gotten quite a few from friends who’s children have outgrown them and are done having kids.

Have your family/ friends been supportive?
Our families thought we were crazy when they found out at first. Then, as they were around it more, they became much more supportive. My mom CD my brother in the early 80’s and assumed it was the same way then. I explained to her all the different sorts of diapers that are out there now and she’s fully on board. She even wants to learn how to make some. MyMILhas washed them for us when we traveled downstate to visit. So they have become much more supportive as time has passed. Friends really don’t get it because most of them don’t have children. Those who do, commend us.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of cding?
Saving money, not putting disposables into the landfills. Knowing that I may not be doing some large change but I am doing a part in making a change.

What is your favorite diaper to use?
Our BG OS’ and Fuzzibunz. I love them both. I don’t have a very big variety of diapers yet because it took D so long to grow into what we have. Now that he’s chubbier, I plan on getting more so who knows, it could be replaced as a favorite soon!

What has been the biggest challenge to your success at cding? (ie, washing, money, leakage, fit, etc)
Leaking! We had some bad leaking for a little bit but we finally got it under control. I had moments of wanting to give up because I felt every change was going to soak his outfit but luckily we got it fixed and all is well again. We had some fit problems in the start but that wasn’t because of the diapers, the kiddo was small. The biggest challenge is to not give up and give in to what is easier when something goes wrong and we didn’t.


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