Me, my son, (and my cloth diapers) are home safely!

After a small delay between boarding and departure, my son, my diapers, and I arrived in Syracuse NY from Charlotte NC.  The flight was terrible, Fletcher was miserable and cried for an hour.  This was his tenth flight since birth, and his worst.  He has been on more planes than months alive!

My trip lasted over 2 weeks, and I cloth diapered the entire time.  I didn’t pack enough diapers to last 2 weeks, that would have been one heavy, nasty wet bag.  I did my washing at the home I was staying at, which happened to be at my in-laws.  I did pack enough diapers to last 3-4 days, but I ended up washing every 2-3 days.

How did I manage to fly almost 40 cloth diapers without paying a nickel?  My stash would have filled my entire suitcase, or a second suitcase would have had to be entirely devoted to diapers.  I could have gone with bringing less, or sticking with Gro Baby to save space.  Instead I chose to bring all but one diaper with me (a lonely Bum Genius Organic AIO that has come unstitched) and “sneak” them across state lines!

Before I tell you how, I want to explain that I will never take dirty diapers from my home to a destination.  To avoid this and not use disposables I use G Diapers.  The night before my trip I needed to strip my diapers.  I started with G’s that evening and used them the rest of the day until my flight.  I did the same for my return trip.  I washed my diapers the night before leaving and used G’s until reaching home.  This does help when in the airport.  You don’t need to have a wetbag with dirty diapers, but your conscience is still clear!

Now, how I did it-  If you are traveling with a convertible carseat, you too can fly with your diapers!  This method worked fine for me, but be warned not all airports are  the same, and maybe other’s might object to this method.  I purchased this car seat bag from Babies R Us.  Then, I packed all of my diapers into a garbage bag.  For flying to Charlotte we had already packed the carseat in the bag since we had another one in our car.  This made it really easy.  After the carseat was in the bag we put the garbage bag inside the seat, and zipped up the car seat bag.  No one is the wiser, I got to take my diapers with me, and I didn’t get charged since car seats can be checked for free!

My husband zipping the car seat bag, with my diapers stowing away inside
My husband zipping the car seat bag, with my diapers stowing away inside

The flight back was slightly trickier; I had to use the carseat to get to the airport.  I already had my fluffies bagged up. We arrived at the airport, uninstalled the carseat, bagged it, and placed my (more full thanks to some fluffy mail) bag into the seat.  Once again I had zero trouble getting it checked and through security.  If they x-rayed it and found the diapers, no one said anything!
These are all my fluffies waiting to fly to NY with me! on Twitpic

The bag stuffed for the trip home.

Now, if you need your carseat for the trip, then this obviously won’t work.  But I hope my sneaky plan will help some of you who don’t cloth diaper on trip to save space!

Would you like to see what had to be left behind due to lack of space in my suitcase and a little too much shopping?

I am going to have to ship all of these toys back to ny from ... on Twitpic


I have lots of great stuff planned for next week to celebrate reaching 100 Followers!  Tons of giveaways, Bum Genius, Baby Legs, Teething Bling, to name a few!

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