Make Cloth Mainstream for Earth Day and Convert the Masses- the #MCMSChallenge

Now that April is here we can push the big red button THE Mission.  What mission?  The Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge, of course! This challenge, also known as #MCMSChallenge on social, got it’s start in 2015 when a few people in the industry realized the power of social media and word of mouth advertising.

Celebrities “sell” us things without us knowing it all the time- when Khloe Kardashian posts a photo of herself in a waist cincher and tags the brand that’s not a generous thing, that’s advertising. And it works.

Even social media stars who post product suggestions without paid compensation OR free product are still selling us things and we’re buying them. How many of us buy a lipstick because we see it on someone and love it? Heck, I even get asked what lipstick I use from my photos (all of them is the answer, lol). We follow people because we like them, admire them, trust them, or maybe on some level- want to be like them.  If you’re taking the challenge and have some time fill out our form to let us know!

take the make cloth mainstream challenge

That thought process is the seed that grew into the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge.  Our mission?  To have influential social media users try cloth diapers for 3 weeks and share their experiences on social media.  Their adorable photos, their videos, their live Periscopes, their snaps- whatever! Our challengers aren’t just parents- they’re style icons, trend setters, foodies, humorists, even social media experts. Their posts about cloth will reach far outside of the choir many of our brands and bloggers preach to.  THIS is real outreach.  THIS is what helps get more people to use cloth diapers. THIS is why we work hundreds of hours to make this event happen.


The other aspect of this challenge invites YOU to advocate cloth diapers to your friends! Help them dip their toes into cloth diapering for this challenge by loaning them diapers you own or aiding them in their selections. Share on social with this image and let them know they can do it and YOU can help! Word of mouth is cloth diapering’s biggest ally and responsible for the slow but steady climb in cloth diaper usage over the last 3 decades.

We introduced our sponsors a few weeks ago who make this possible.  A few advocates aren’t going to be able to provide what is needed for a campaign of this size and so generous sponsors who believe in this mission have provided product to our influencers to enable them to try cloth diapers for 3 weeks. Our sponsors- Smart Bottoms, Thirsties, Kanga Care, AppleCheeks, Spray Pal, qdSpray, Green Child Magazine, Dirty Diaper Laundry, Lillebaby, Allen’s Naturally, and JuJuBe sent the challengers a message of good luck that you can watch.

Now to meet our challengers. Each was revealed one at a time in our live Kick-Off on Facebook this past Friday.  We have 8 influencers that range in their followings (though all have an engaged audience, the MOST important thing.  You can buy followers so that’s not always the goal!) We searched far and wide, and even a little close to home, in order to find people who we’d not only LOVE to convert to cloth but who would inspire their followers to consider using cloth as well!

Here are our challengers and their social handles- we know you’ve been asking for a way to get their links in an easy to find place.  I was listening!

Suzanne Davis is a talented photographer and mother of three who shares her life on her blog and all over social. Fun fact, Suzanne is also a contributor at

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Tiffany Reese has an amazing sense of style! And she also happens to have some of the most stylish kids on the block, who are the stars of her blog and Instagram. Her fashion sense has won her a large blog audience and mentions from publications like Apartment Therapy (personal fave) and Buzzfeed, where she was named one of 43 parents to follow on Instagram!

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Ryan A Bell is best known through his public speaking, philanthropic work, and his involvement with Summit.Live (formerly Periscope Summit) that kicked off last year with a bang. He and wife Lynette are all about live streaming platforms and the global community that they help foster. They love babywearing and are excited to be back to cloth diapers after a life got in the way.

Katie Reed is a social media addict, foodie, coffee lover, and world traveler who shares her journey on her blog and YouTube Channel.

Help! I am stuck under two sleeping kids!!

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The Canatellas have seen viral fame thanks to their many hilarious videos, including one of my favorites, the MTV Cribs – Baby Girl Nursery Tour. We love their sense of humor and honest look at parenting. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel!

Alex Kaslowitz is famous in the baby world thanks to his babywearing expertise. Even before having an adorable little baby of his own he was a pro. This fabulously fun couple is just getting started with cloth and we can’t wait to see how it goes!  They have created their own brand new family IG so please follow them there if you’re already following Beco, the company Alex works with.

Laura Boswell is from Memphis as her blog’s name suggests. She loves sharing her supreme sense of style and we’re sure that she will love the all of the modern cloth diaper designs available today. We just dare you to try not to fall in love with her gorgeous photos!

Jacqui Saldana is a beautiful force on Instagram and her website, Baby Boy Bakery, inspired by her son Ryan where she shares delicious kid-friendly recipes and inspiration to live a loud and wild life! We are so thrilled to have her joining our event and hope she loves cloth diapering!


As always the Cloth Diaper Experiment group is home to our event.  Our  challengers have joined in case they need any advice during their 3 week challenge. We invite you to assist our challengers with their questions and root them all on as they post!

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