LUXbutt Organic One Size Video and Review

Update: The brand is no longer in business.
I caught wind of a new brand of cloth diapers called LUXbutt on Facebook. Intrigued when I saw their brand, I clicked over. They were being super mysterious about the diaper and revealing more information about it over time, including leaking photos the parts of the diaper. I admit it: I love a good mystery. I found myself checking the page every so often to see if they posted more information. Eventually the entire diaper was pictured. I really liked the simplicity of having a color scheme. For now the LUXbutt cloth diapers come in 3 colors as part of their Chocolate Collection. Milk Chocolat (brown with black snaps), White Chocolate (white with brown snaps), and Dark Chocolat (black with brown snaps). These diapers have somehow managed to be “sexy,” right down to the simple tag on the back.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The LUXbutt Organic One Size is a snapping diaper, with 3 snaps per tab. Putting it on the baby requires 6 snaps to affix total. Some people find snaps to be more difficult than a velcro diaper but it is just an acquired taste. I would suggest snapping the lowest “hip snap” first then the top two. Sizing the diaper you will be digging into the pocket opening. Towards the back there are two buttons and button hole elastics. The numbers seemed odd to me…. and the elastic was longer than was really needed. I would have liked the numbers to be inserted in a way that made sense and that matched the other side. I did buy a tester diaper so maybe this issue is fixed on the retail versions. You can’t switch easily between two children (I wouldn’t even recommend it, too much trouble) like you could possibly do with a snap down rise.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Something with the word “lux” in the name isn’t going to be cheap. Or at least, it shouldn’t. The price tag is 24.95 per diaper. Or 21.95 on sale as they are currently. 21.95 I can, and will pay if the diaper is One Size and works well. Maybe even 24.95 if I get free shipping. For now these diapers ship from Canada. The shipping came down in cost recently but you might want to check first before buying 1 diaper because it isn’t very cheap. On the plus side, the lining is organic cotton velour and super soft and the insert is hemp and absorbent so the higher cost does reflect nicer materials.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ We used this diaper during the day and even overnight with only the hemp insert! I can’t believe it worked overnight. Full disclosure that Ev is not a heavy wetter, but still. I was impressed. We got the fit correct just by eyeballing it so there were no gaps or fit issues to contribute to leaks. Usually an elastic sized diaper takes me a few adjustments and I often get a leak in the beginning but not this time. I got lucky.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ I said before that the number arrangement was off in the legs so I woldn’t go by numbers when sizing the diaper. I would compare it to a diaper you already know that fits your baby well, if you have one, and make the rise match that by laying it on top. The velour covered leg elastic and back elastic never left red marks on his chunky thighs or back. I don’t think this diaper is made for larger toddlers, I don’t see it lasting in the wist or rise. I can’t talk from experience yet however.  I do compare the rises and waist to the other slotted leg elastic diapers I have in my possession in the video (Fuzzibunz Elite and Charlie Banana OS).
Overall: I happen to like the diapers quite a bit. Not having a snapdown rise gives the front a cleaner look, but as I said before this does mean it is harder to change sizes. There are very few pocket cloth diapers with natural fibers as the lining. I can only think of a handful (or you can search for “Pocket” and check the “natural fibers” box on my Cloth Diaper Finder). I heard rumors that they will have prints in the future. I like the themed colors also and look forward to seeing what they will have next. Jewels, perhaps?
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