Little Comfort Fitted Review

Little Comfort Fitted

I was contacted by Debby from Otter Babies and told about the softest fitted she had ever felt.  She wanted to know if I would do a review.  I wanted to know if this diaper was as soft as she claimed, and it definitely was!  In case the video isn’t clear enough, you can view a very detailed diagram with instructions on how to size the diaper and add boosters on

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The diaper is a one size fitted, and utilizes a fold over rise adjustment.  Now, even though it seems there are only two ways to adjust the rise, you can fold it without snapping it over.  Depending on what size setting you need, the size is either already set and you just put it on the baby, or you need to fold the rise over once you have it on them.  For us, because my son is not the small and not the unsnapped, we go in between so I fold it over when we change.  I lay the soakers in ahead of time.  If the diaper is unsnapped and on the largest setting you can snap the soakers in place.  I love that the tabs each have the ability to cross over.  Some diapers have them on the left, some on the right, but you can choose either!  Obviously my son doesn’t need them to cross over since he is a toddler, but the option is nice.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The diaper is 19.97.  I really love the materials it is made from, and since it is a good night time diaper, I would pay that for it.  Others may consider it expensive and opt for a cheaper fitted.  Having the chance to rub it is nice though!  The bamboo also makes it pricer than a fitted using microfiber or some other cheaper material.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I mostly used this diaper at night because it is bulky.  I used both inserts.  The first night I used it I had a leak.  I washed it a few more times and only used it during the day until then.  The next night time test I stuck a microfiber doubler beneath the 2 inserts, just in case.  I have continued this method  because I was afraid to have more leaks.  My son finally sleeps all night so frankly, I don’t want to deal with a soaking wet wake up call!  This combination has worked great for us.  Also, the first night I used it unsnapped but this was too big.  After that I figured out I should fold it in between the two settings.  This probably helped as well.

Fit ✩✩✩ I am not crazy about the size variations.  While it seems to only have 2, you can make it have more by folding it to size, but you don’t get that in the instructions.  I would not use any inserts for a very small baby to cut out the bulk.  With both inserts in it is very bulky and would not fit under my son’s pants.  Had I not played around with the sizing I might have been dissapointed with the diaper since I did have a leak on the unsnapped setting.  It was too large for his legs.

Overall- The best feature of this diaper is how soft it is.  Second best is the fact that they snap in soakers are fleece topped.  Most fitteds have no fleece and many parents are looking for that feature.  While it doesn’t wick moisture away from the entire baby’s bottom, it does in that area (most sensitive area at that!)  The sizing isn’t the best at certain ages, but I was able to work with it and make it work.  I hope others can figure it out as well.  It was great to use at night and I am confident that is will work all night now!  Peace of mind is great!

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A Little Comfort fitted was sent free of charge for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and genuine. No other compensation was received.

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