Lil Helper Starter Kit Giveaway ($65 Value) Ends 7/2

Have I already told you how hilarious the guys from Lil Helper are?  Well, I just hopped over to their Starter Kit page to get some information for the giveaway for a Starter Kit (woo hoo) and I’m cracking up AGAIN.  And in case you missed that…..  the company is run by two men.  I imagine them to be a little like the guys at How to be a Dad since I enjoy their humor too.  My favorite thing about these diapers, well, one of my favorite things, has to be the image on the packaging.  The toddler has an afro….  it caught me off guard and it was such a cute and clever thing that I just laughed when I saw it.

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I reviewed the line of diapers from Lil Helper which include their Original, Organic Bamboo, and Charcoal Bamboo diapers.  The sizing and function of the diapers are all the same, just the materials differ.  You can click over to my review to learn more about these diapers.

Their Starter Kit allows you to “taste” cloth diapers and their line.

  1. 1 All-in-Two One-Size Original PUL Cloth Diaper*
  2. 1 All-in-Two One-Size Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper*
  3. 1 Set of Unbleached Cotton Liners (2 Liners- 1 Large & 1 Small)
  4. 1 Set of Charcoal Bamboo Liners (2 Liners- 1 Large & 1 Small).
  5. 1 Zippered Wet-Bag. (gender neutral color)
  6. 3 Bamboo Terry Wipes.

The price tag for one kit would normally be 75$ but they discount it to 65$ plus shipping. That is a seriously good deal!  I think you should go to their page and read more about it.  Here is a snippet:

[box]You: What else can I do with these starter kits?
Me:  Baby Shower Gifts. Even if the expecting parents are not committed to using cloth diapers. They will definitely run out of disposals at sometime. God forbid, the child has a rash due to disposable diapers. Your gift will redeem you from your playful moniker of “Treehugger”. Maybe not.[/box]

If you are feeling lucky go ahead and try your hand at entering the giveaway!  This one is open to US and Canada (they are a Canadian company, so yeah, woot)

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