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Lil Helper diapers might be a new name to you. They were to me! This line of All-in-Two, One Size cloth diapers has 3 versions: Original, Organic Bamboo, and Charcoal Bamboo. The sizing and configurations of each diaper are the same, only the materials used differ. This is more visible in the video (I hope, though I did make a boo boo and mix soakers, noted in video). The family behind Lil Helper diapers have a wicked sharp sense of humor. I HIGHLY recommend visiting their website where you can see this all throughout, including product descriptions and instructions. It kept me smiling the whole time I read. They also donate 1 diaper per 3 diapers sold and have even sent a shipment to my favorite diaper charity Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. 

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The diapers in the Lil’ Helper line up all use the same sizing and soaker system across the board. They all have a 3-Step-Rise using snaps. By now this system of sizing is pretty standard and easy to figure out. You just snap down to make smaller, unsnap to make larger. The waist tabs have 3 snaps each, 1 of which secures at the hip. I don’t find this to be too difficult or time consuming but it is definitely more work/time compared to velcro. The soakers snap in. You can either just use one or add a second, smaller doubler for more absorbency. Each snaps in and the smaller one snaps onto the larger soaker. Some people might not like to leave just the larger soaker in without a doubler because the female snaps will be left exposed. I find this annoying but not painful for the baby. I would not leave male snaps exposed on the skin. The best thing is how stretchy the PUL and tabs are. I feel it makes applying the diaper on the baby much easier and gives a better fit.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The diapers are costlier than many other comparable diapers in their AI2 category. The Original is priced at $20.00, the Organic Bamboo at $23.00 and the Charcoal Bamboo at $26.00. Each diaper includes the two soakers, 1 large and 1 small. The diapers are manufactured in China but are really well made. The PUL is fairly unique because it is light and stretchy. You can find some of the diapers in prints but the Charcoal Bamboo has a brushed, soft finish tin bamboo and only comes in 4 colors. Part of the increase in cost is for a good reason- for every 3 diapers sold Lil Helper donates one diaper to a baby in need. You can read all about their program, “Baby Do Good” on their website.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I’ve been reviewing these diapers for a good long while. I was especially curious about the Charcoal Bamboo diapers and if that softer, brushed outside material would wick (where moisture travels from the wet soaker inside to the outer layer) so I was testing those heavily. I was thrilled when the Charcoal Bamboo diaper experienced no wicking. None of the diapers had any leaks, even when tested longer time periods. Because Ev isn’t a heavy wetter I didn’t notice one diaper and their inserts performing any better than another diaper in their line.
Fit ✩✩✩ Each diaper in the Lil Helper line is intended to fit babies 7-35 pounds. Everett is 22 pounds and we go back and forth on the rise adjustments depending on if we are using 1 soaker or both of the included soakers. If you use both there is bulk, especially at the front and top of the diaper. When on the middle rise this left an open gap so that is why I unsnap the rise. The rise snaps themselves are positioned a bit lower on the diaper than many other OS diapers.
Overall: Having 2 absorbent inserts included per diaper is helpful. I personally didn’t use this diaper as an All-in-Two but it works easily as a Snap-in-One, but you will do better to use it as an AI2 to get more bang for your buck per shell. The linings on the shells have either microfleece or bamboo and are not “wipe-clean” so you will need to be aware of that. If the shells get wet you will either need a new one or have to let it air out. The snaps were nice and strong. These are larger than the typical KAM snaps most cloth diapers use, and are more like the snaps on GroVia or Smartipants cloth diapers. I am a snaps girl so I love that these come in snapping closures but some people might prefer velcro and so they won’t even consider this line. The Charcoal Bamboo diaper is a cool concept but I haven’t seen the benefits of this material over traditional bamboo, however the grey lining is novel and I love how it looks. After much wear and washing I have noticed that the tag with their adorable logo has faded quite a bit.
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