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LetJoy Pocket

Update: This company is no longer making diapers.

LetJoy Cloth Diapers are made by a WAHM and can be found through Etsy.com. I really enjoy reviewing Etsy cloth diapers because they always have a lot of style and personality to them. The packaging and included notes were just icing on the cake to a really well made and adorable diaper. When you buy from WAHM’s you often get those special touches not found when buying from an online cloth diaper retailer of manufactured cloth diapers.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The LetJoy Pocket is Sized and comes with two different inserts. You will need to stuff and unstuff the diaper before and after each use, and the entire diaper can only be used once unless you lay the suedecloth topped insert on the lining, in which case you are using it as an All-in-Two. I reviewed the Velcro version and found it very easy to get on and off. She also makes a snap version.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ The price point on this pocket is 15.00 which is a steal for a handmade cloth diaper with a lot of little touches, like the addition of the stitching around the velcro tabs in a fun color. You also get designer fabrics and, in the case of the diapers a reviewed, a soft velour lining. They also make suedecloth lined diapers. PLUS you get two inserts.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I went against my own rule and tried this diaper overnight and was pleased to find it worked without wicking around the legs or leaks. My son isn’t a heavy wetter. Since the diaper is covered on the outside with a cotton knit there is a chance of wicking but we didn’t have that. I’m not saying it will never happen, but it didn’t to us. I used two inserts for nights and the single insert for daytime.
Fit ✩✩✩ The biggest problem I had with the diaper is probably a result of not having the right size. We had some pretty noticable wing droopage issues with the velcro diaper. He had a LOT of waist left and it would slowly droop down. Had we reviewed the Medium there would have been less. I don’t know if thatw ould have solved the isue completely but it would have been better than what I was dealing with. It isn’t a super trim diaper but for what it is it isn’t that bulky either. The Large was just too big in the rise and waist for Ev but it still fit him enough to be leak free.
Overall: The diaper isn’t perfect but I liked the special touches included. The price is right at 15.00 too. I appreciated the packaging, the email with further instructions about care and wear, and everything about the experience in working with Leticia. I’m sure any customer would be treated with as much care and courtesy as I was, and that is priceless.
Where to Buy: LetJoy cloth diapers on Etsy

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