Lanacare Wool Breast Pad Review

newbaby_2010[1] This review was written and performed by Kristen, DDL Contributor, for the New Baby Event.

I leak….a lot.  Since having my second child, I have been trying different breast pads out to see what works best and also isn’t gonna cost an arm and a leg.  I have tried cotton reusable pads…and hated them.  I also have used many different kinds of disposable pads, which get the job done a lot better, but I am going through boxes of them which in turn is money flying right out the window…and it’s also creating a whole lot of waste.

I heard about the Lanacare Wool Breast Pads and figured I needed to give them a try.  I was kind of skeptical at first since I hated the cotton reusables so much and also because I have very sensitive skin and a child with extreme allergies, so I was nervous how both of us would react to them.  I was also hesitant because I had never had to deal with washing wool before and I knew there was something “different” about it…and well, I kinda suck at domestic chores like laundry and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to care for them properly.  That particular fear was quickly eased when I received my package and was able to read about the care of the breast pads, which was very easy, and I also read that the breast pads sort of self clean because of the lanolin in them.

lanacareI noticed when I first received them was that they were much larger in diameter than most breast pads I have used (These pads do come in different sizes and there are also specific pads for those that have a heavy or strong let down).  This is actually a really positive thing, because they are not noticeable under clothing at all…even when I was wearing just a tank top.  After a nursing session, I did need to readjust them so there weren’t any noticeable wrinkles though.

I have been using the Lanacare wool breast pads continuously since I received them, switching out one set for another, to let them dry, and I have been very impressed at how well they absorb leaks.  I have never felt “wet” but I did leak 2 times in one day.  I think it was possible that they weren’t completely dry and therefore not as absorbent that day but I didn’t have any other problems before or after that with leaking and just made sure to air them out overnight.  They are really comfortable to wear and aren’t irritating to the skin at all, like I would has suspected from wool.  They are very soft and neither myself or my daughter have had any reactions to them.  I have noticed that my nipples don’t get as raw as they were before when I was using cotton or disposable pads.  I was confused at first on whether I could use lanolin ointment on my nipples to help keep them moisturized, and because I couldn’t figure it out right away, I didn’t use any.  During this time, my nipples didn’t get raw or dry at all, which I attribute to the wool breast pads.  I later found out that I can use lanolin ointment while using these breast pads, but haven’t had to be as consistent with it because I don’t have as much of an issue with my nipples getting raw.

The Lanacare wool breast pads are more expensive compared to other reusable breast pads but in my opinion, they are definitely worth the money!  They start at 21.00 and go up to 31.00 depending on the size.  I can’t think of a reason why I would go back to using cotton or disposable pads now that I have these.

To order you can visit Danish Woolen Delight for these and other wool products.

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