Ladies… Keep your husbands away from your Wool. You have been warned!

woolweek copy This post is part of “All About Wool Week” on Dirty Diaper Laundry.

Before I say this, let me state that my husband has been Phenomenal with cloth diapering thus far.  Though hesitant at first, he has managed to learn almost all of the crazy terms I throw around like “AIO, Pocket, Fitted, WAHM, etc.”  For some reason, he really likes the “WAHM” one and tries to throw it into conversations.

When I decided I was going to dive head first into wool he was already skeptical of how it worked.  I described it to him, saying simply that wool is water resistant and the lanolizing process helps it, and he didn’t really get it.  Fine.  He doesn’t have to.  The first morning my husband changed our son when he had a wool cover on was……. interesting.  He came into the bedroom asking directions.  Half asleep I tell him, “Just pull it off and let it dry.  Toss is over the crib rail.”  “What do I do with the diaper?”  Put it in the pail, like always.”  So he does.

He tells me a few mornings later that he is no longer changing our son in the morning if he had wool on the night before.  Fine, I will change him.  I wasn’t about to switch back since he had been completely leak free since starting using wool.

This kind of worked, but there were mornings that I begged him to change our baby so I could grab 20 minutes of extra sleep.  I think it is fair since I have to wake up umpteen million times to nurse our son, something he is exempt from.

A few weeks later I wash a load of diapers.  Routine.  This happens 3-4 times a week.  On this occasion I empty my dryer and see a very bright and familiar color: teal.  I don’t have any diapers this color that should be in the WASHER or DRYER.  I only have the one Sbish wool soaker in that gorgeous color.  My heart skips a beat.  “Please don’t be what I think it is.  Please…. no…. not the Sbish soaker in the Dryer!!!”  I hesitated to actually pull it out because until I did it was a theory.  Once I pulled it out it was reality.

shrunkMy wool soaker was washed on HOT, rinsed, and dried on low heat.  Panic set in.  It looked a good bit smaller than it did before being tortured.  I went upstairs and ran for my other Sbish soaker.  Yes, upon comparing them there was definitely a steep difference in size.  I tweeted like crazy that day about my anger and frustration.  I was worried about reviewing an item that was possibly not usable anymore since it shrunk.

Then, this tweet came.  I believe @Fentonlee sent it.  “Did the lanolin make your diapers repel?”

Ummm..  uh oh.  I didn’t even think of that.  The soaker had lanolin on it, of course.  Lanolin makes the soaker waterproof.  Diapers that are waterproof = not good.  I did the booger sucker test.  I filled it with water and squirted it onto my suedecloth lined diapers.  Beads of water danced around merrily.  I tried pushing the water drops in, since sometimes the water beads up but technically they aren’t repelling.  Rather than permeating the suedecloth the beads broke into more, tinier beads.  Ruh Roh.

FUMING, I called my husband at work to B*tch/ vent.  “Why on earth did you put a wool soaker in the pail?”  “Because, I dunno.”  The conversation turned into me crying because not only did I have a tiny soaker, I had to strip my diapers.  Stripping my diapers= 12+ trips up and down 2 flights of stairs.  It is a day long process when I am being efficient.  2 days if not.

That evening my husband brought home Pizza Hut for dinner.  Yes, I can be bought with food.  My stomach is the way to my heart.  The next day I had forgotten the entire incident and life went on.

Now, my husband doesn’t really change our son in the mornings or if he is wearing wool.  In fact, lately he hasn’t really changed him at all!

Ladies, if you have wool or are thinking of trying it keep my story in mind.  This was not the worst case scenario.  Imagine if your custom knit 100.00$ woolies were washed.  Then just change the baby yourself and save your wallet and your heart.


P.S.  The Sbish soaker does still fit!  It is slightly felted (which means it is even more waterproof) but can be finagled onto him.  They probably won’t fit for too much longer but it wasn’t the end of the world.  Here he is in them A.W. (After Washing).

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