Kissaluvs Marvel All-in-One Review

Kissaluvs Marvel AIO

I have been wanting to perform and share this review since last September.  I first saw the Kissaluvs Marvel AIO when I went to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.  This diaper was by far my favorite new reveal at the show.  I couldn’t wait for it to become available for consumers.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ I would LOVE to give this diaper a 5, because it really is, but to a newbie using cloth diapers the snaps might still give you trouble.  If you have used snaps before then this diaper is a breeze.  There are 4 snaps total to affix when changing the baby.  Of course taking the diaper off of the baby is even easier.  No unstuffing or attaching laundry tabs.  Just put it in the pail!  To size the diaper attach 3 snaps in the rise you need.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ For an All in One of this design, one that is quick drying, the price point is pretty darn good.  This diaper retails for 23.00.  The Bum Genius Organic AIO is 25, and the Easy Fit by Bummis is 27.00.  One reason for this is that the materials are not as expensive.  The soaker is microfiber and the lining is microfleece.  However, the diaper is well made and is unique.

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ So I do love this diaper.  The soaker is absorbent enough for daytime, and for some even nights.  I didn’t need to add an insert, but you can if you need it.  The fit was good, no leaks or gaps.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I liked the fit of this diaper, on the medium snap it was perfect for my son.  I can’t attest to the newborn setting and what age it starts fitting, or how many pounds it truly lasts until on the unsnapped.  The legs left no red marks, or the back.  I am happy my son has more room for growth in it because it has become a favorite.

Overall- The diaper is pretty awesome.  All of the benefits of a pocket (quick drying, insert getting clean outside of the diaper) but the function and form of an All in One.  There is no stuffing, just pulling or turning the diaper right sided in, depending on your washer’s agitation.  For me, the diaper flipping inside out.  Turning it was  still easier than stuffing.

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