Keep Your Baby Clean…. The Green Way! -Guest post by Pure and Honest Kids

Keep Your Baby Clean…The Green Way!

By: Pure and Honest Kids



Did you know that an infant’s immune system is less-developed than an adult’s, making them more vulnerable to chemicals and pesticides? It’s true! If going green appeals to you, then your baby’s body wash is one of the first products you should consider looking for natural and organic alternatives. After all, your baby’s skin is the most sensitive of all and deserves the purest natural care.


Body washes and body care products for babies should be free of artificial fragrances, food-grade preservatives and harsh detergent ingredients. Because your baby’s skin is five times as thin as an adult’s skin, the products you rub into your baby’s skin will be quickly absorbed into his or her little body.  Therefore, the more natural the products you use on baby’s skin, the better. 


We do know that some petroleum-based products contain waxes that coat the skin. The wax can inhibit the way your baby’s skin can naturally exchange moisture, which can lead to irritation and discomfort. More research needs to be completed to determine the long-term effects of exposing babies to non-organic skin products that are currently on the market.


The good news is there are alternatives to the traditional baby care products that carry synthetic chemicals that may be harmful to your baby’s skin. By turning to nature to care for your baby, you will protect her from potential health hazards that have not yet been discovered.


Pure and Honest Kids carries Erbaorganics, a wonderful organic skin care line for babies and children. Check out the baby body wash and baby body lotion here. The Erbaorganics line is free of harmful parabens, pesticides, SLS’s, and artificial colorings. It is ultra-mild and gentle, and moms and dads can rest easy knowing their little one’s sensitive skin will be soothed with these green and eco-friendly washes and lotions.


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