itti bitti Tutto One Size Cloth Diaper Review

itti bitti Tutto
itti bitti Tutto

itti bitti not only makes sized diapers like their itti bitti D’lish, they also have the bitti tutto, a one size diaper designed to fit babies 8-44 pounds!  It begins fitting a young baby but will last longer than the large of their sized diaper, which only fits up to 37 pounds.  I’ll admit it, this diaper scared me sh*tless when I saw it.  It is probably the most intimidating diaper I have ever seen.  There are snaps at every corner and the soaker combinations, while useful, are endless!  I will try my best to review this diaper so that you understand how it works.  But I won’t be offended if you don’t!

Ease of Use ✩✩ Yikes!  Is all I have to say.  I am probably the most experienced woman on the planet when it comes to different cloth diapers, or right up there!  I’ve tried over 100 diapers, and none are like this.  That isn’t a bad thing…. but this diaper has a very high learning curve.  You will need a video demonstration, which is where I come in.  Like the bitti D’lish SIO, you will need to do some assembly after the diaper is washed and out of the dryer.  Once you have your soaker snapped to the size that fits, you won’t need to resnap until the baby sizes up.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ While this is also a very spendy diaper like the bitti D’lish, this is a one size!  Ecpect to pay around 26.00, including soaker.  Since you will get far more use out of it than the sized bitti’s, the money spent makes a little more practical sense.  It also comes with 3 soakers, which are very abosrbent and make the diaper highly customizable.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Once you spend some time getting your settings where you want them you will find this diaper to give a trim fit and to be very absorbent.  I wouldn’t use it overnight since minkee tends to wick, and also I prefer fitteds and covers or a diaper with a smooth inner lining.  I have had leaks but this was before I added another soaker.  Added it, problem solved.  Oh, and the poo fence, it works!  Holds in that runny breastfeeding poop and prevents up the back leakage.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tutto is meant to fit babies 8-44 pounds!  Unlike many minky diapers, even while snapped to a lower rise, this diaper maintains it’s trimness somehow.  I love the way it fits Everett.  We have 1 set of snaps exposed for him, and 2 exposed on my toddler.  I’m not sure if the 3rd hip snap is needed, but if you really hate wing droopage and this has been an issue for you, you have the option.  At least they have a suedecloth cover over it so the snap isn’t exposed to the baby’s skin.  They have definitely put some thought into the design.

Overall- If I had my choice from the itti bitti line, I would pick the Tutto and the Small bitti D’lish SIO for the infant stage.  The poop fence is a pretty awesome feature, and the Tutto comes in the same stunningly beautiful colors (18 in all) as their D’lish line.  Pricey, yes.  Functional, also yes.  The rise snaps match the fabric so this adds to the overall attractiveness of the design.  The tutto also has a more realistic size that should fit babies until they potty train.  The tutto is the best selling one size diaper in Australia, if that tells you anything.

Where to buy: My affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, will have the itti bitti line in March.

Samples of the diapers mentioned were sent for the purposes of the review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% genuine and my own.

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