itti bitti Snap-in-One and All-in-One Review

itti bitti SIO/AIO
itti bitti SIO/AIO

Have you ever wanted to own a rainbow of beautiful diapers in super soft minkee?  Well…… the Autralian brand of cloth diapers, itti bitti, that I drooled over after writing my Cloth Diapers Around the World post, are coming to the America (which, coincidentally, is one of my favorite movies.  EDDIE!) I digress…  The itti bitti D’lish are fairly unique and have some gorgeous colors and prints.   The video review will cover both the Snap-in-One and the All-in-One, both of which come in sizes.  My written review will only cover the Ease of Use separately for each diaper, everything else is the same and the other categories are for both diapers.

itti bitti snap-in-one

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ When it comes to putting this diaper on a baby there isn’t much difficulty.  You snap it on, and you remove it.  You don’t even have to un-stuff or unsnap the soakers.  You can unsnap if that makes you more comfortable, but so far I haven’t broken any snaps and I leave everything snapped in for washing and drying.  There is the matter of getting the diaper put together.  Even if every piece is snapped in when it comes out of the dryer (or off the line) things need to be put in order before it is ready to place on your baby.  You will need to (if using the hemp,snap in prefold) fold the prefold in thirds and place underneath the stay dry insert.  If you are not using the heavier hemp insert, the stay dry insert will just lay there.  I am pretty anal about getting diapers before putting them up so I get it set up then place it in my basket, ready to put on the baby.

itti bitti All-in-one

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ No snapping diaper will ever get 5 stars, as a reminder!  The all-in-one version of the D’lish has absorbency built into the diaper itself, as well as a soaker that is sewn in at one end.  No need to stuff or unstuff, or snap.  Much easier in terms of prep before putting on the baby!


Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The SIO is 19.95 and the AIO is 18.95.  I was actually under the impression they were more, but heard otherwise and changed my rating.  Change your baby at a playdate and you will hear some ooo’s and ah’s over the cuteness.   Would you have a stash of these?  Probably not if you are cloth diapering to save money.  If you have some extra money to burn and love the look of cloth diapers buying a few for photos and such is definitely fun.  Plus, they do work, so they aren’t just props!

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I definitely experienced a few leaks in the beginning with the Snap-in-One and All-in-One.  I have 3 sizes, the Small and Large sent to me are SIO’s, the Medium is an AIO.  Everett tested the small for a good while, and it fit early on and lasted until he as around 11 pounds.  We only used the top insert at first but toward the end we added the hemp prefold since we started with leaks.  The Large SIO works beautifully on my toddler and that hemp insert is thirsty!  Very absorbent.  However, if it gets too wet the diaper tends to sag because by itself the prefold is heavy, add pee, and there is only so much the waist can take.  When my poop toddler had a stomach bug he had the worst diarhea diaper in the history of diapers.  It was horrific.  And it happened in his SIO.  It held all the poop in, side to side, front to back.  The All-in-One worked well for Everett.  There were a few leaks related to fit, so read that portion.

Fit ✩✩✩ Please Read: these diapers are cut LOW.  Think, hipster, low rise diapers.  On the website you will notice they want you to think of your baby’s gender when buying a diaper.  If you are nearing the higher end of one size’s weight range and you have a boy, you should probably size up.  I found this to be the case with my youngest.  He has outgrown the Small, and is outgrowing the medium as we speak.  (literally, he grows every minute!)  He is very wide for his age, has very chunky thighs, and is tall. He is going to challenge me for diaper reviews!  He can wear the large, which has a high enough rise for him now, and he is 3 months old.  Granted, he is over 15 pounds….  I am glad we had one of every size to try so I could see this progression.  I do wish they made an XLarge, or called the Small a newborn, small a medium, medium a small, and added a Large.  Perhaps the US idea of Small is different than the Australian?  Judging by the size scale I would say the large isn’t going to fot most babies to 37 pounds.  My son is 25 and very skinny but I don’t see a ton of growth left.  And lets be honest, the average weight of a child who is in diapers is probably higher in the US than in Australia.  Maybe for the US market itti bitti will add a larger size.

Small size to fit 8lb to 16lb
Medium size to fit 14lb to 26lb
Large size to fit 23lb to 37lb

Overall- Maybe my review isn’t a GLOWING one, there are certainly some faults in this diaper.  And most diapers have them.  Fortunately my toddler was an easy diaper tester but given that my baby is on the large and challenging to fit end my reviews might take a more critical turn.  Here are my pros: A-freakin-dorable.  An amazing color selection!  Clean looking.  The minkee is luxurious and soft.  Absorbent.  Fairly easy to use.  Drying time isn’t too bad, it certainly isn’t the longest to dry in my stash.  Cons: the low rise can create leak issues due to fit.  Expensive.  The SIO takes some time to put together.  Needs a larger size.  I do still reach for this diaper quite often, it does fit trim, although the SIO is trimmer than the AIO.

Where to buy: My affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, will have them in March.

Samples of the diapers mentioned were sent for the purposes of the review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% genuine and my own.

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