It is Easier Than Ever to Watch my Video Reviews!

Did you know I have 81 video reviews to date?  Me either, until I added all of them to a playlist on YouTube.  If you were to watch every single review I have made so far you would be in front of a computer screen for 5 hours! I have over 100 videos on my YouTube channel! All of my videos have been viewed 324,600+ times in total.  I’m not sure but that might make me the most prolific diaper reviewer on the interwebs!  So, not trying to toot my own horn, but……..


I have also set up a playlist of my informational videos, to which I hope to be adding more videos in the future.  If you have a request for a helpful video on cloth diapers let me know!

Subscribing to my YouTube channel gets you notified every time I add a new video, so take a moment and sign up!

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