iParenting Awards for Cloth Diapers! And, What are “Econobums?”

A few of our favorite brands here at DDL have won iParenting awards!  Congratulations to Sweet Pea Diapers, whose video review you can see here, Fuzzibunz (whose One Size I will be reviewing in two weeks), Bummis, and Cottonbabies for their new Econobums!

Now, the question remains, what are Econobums?  This is the description given by iParenting:

Designed by the makers of bumGenius, we are introducing a new one-size diapering system called “econobum”. Econobum is a less expensive cloth diaper solution for every budget. Econobum is the affordable choice in cloth diapering.

Are you tingling with excitement yet?  The photo provided on the iParenting page is just a plain white diaper.  You cannot tell anything!  The product isn’t even on the market yet, but apparently you don’t have a long wait.  I decided to tweet @bumGenius with the question, “What is econobums?”  Here is what she wrote back:

Picture 24

What do you think it is?  A snap one size?  Pocket, All in One, All in Two?  An elastic adjusted rise?  Lets conjecture in the comments with your best guess!

***Edited for updates!  The Econobum will unveil at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas September 13 and will also hit shelves in September.  The Econobums Website is now live!  Check it out.  There is a picture of a baby wearing one, presumably, but you cannot see any details. ***Rumors: Price point will be around 15.00, they are made in the US.

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