Softbums OMNI Review

Softbums has been teasing us for a while about their new product release!  I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to participate in their HUGE blog reveal.

The new diaper is called the Omni. It is also a Slide2Size diaper, meaning there are infinite adjustments to be made, from a newborn all the way up to toddlerdom.  The diaper should fit babies from 5-35 pounds.


Official Video from Softbums of the new Omni

What makes the Omni unique is that it can be used as a pocket diaper (great option to have a stay dry feeling for overnights and the ability to stuff with as much as you need) and an All-in-Two for days.

There are multiple inserts you can use with your Omni diaper. The Stay Dry and Bamboo Pods are the long, one size inserts.  These snap into the diaper to make it an All-in-Two.  The Mini Pod is a thinner, rectangular insert which is perfect to use with newborns.  This can be snapped in as well, or stuffed into the diaper to make it a pocket.  I love the option of the Mini-Pod because the other inserts are just too big for the diaper when it is sized down small enough for a newborn.

I have not had a chance to use this diaper for very long, so this review is based on that.  I will redo my review at a later date and it will be my traditional star rating system.  I am also going to be including the Softbums Omni and Mini-pod insert into my list of One Size diapers to review on my newest addition.

My son wore this diaper during the day only.  We would have tried it out overnight but he made a stinky which landed on more than the snap in insert.  We were able to try each insert.  Even after having a good bit of watered down juice the Bamboo Pod stood up to the test.  The Stay Dry Pod and Mini-Pod were also equally able to hold what my son was dishing out.

Because there is a microfleece lining beneath the pods, if you plan on using the cover numerous times and replacing the inserts, you won’t want to let them get too saturated.  As far stools, this can be hit or miss.  Depending on how solid the stool is and where it falls, you may or may not be able to reuse the shell.  This is the case with many covers, but there is no option to wipe the Omni clean.

I am really excited about the addition of a pocket opening. This opens up the Softbums to accomodate my favorite inserts, including the Loopy Do for overnights.  I think other parents feel the same way.  Not everyone likes All-in-Two’s.  In fact, many parents find them  a pain in the butt and prefer a pocket or All in One.  I am a pocket girl myself, and am really happy that I can use the famous Slide2Size Softbums with inserts now.

If you are as excited about this diaper as I am, preorders open up today!  The Omni will be shipping out in November!

The Omni will be available in 3 colors for now, Snowcone, Coconut, and Sprout (light blue, white, and green)!

The original Echo Softbums will still be available as well.


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