Introducing Lara and Harper- DDL’s new Cloth Diaper Reviewers!

It is bittersweet that I introduce DDL readers to Lara and Harper, the mom and daughter team who will be your new reviewers of cloth diapers on Dirty Diaper Laundry.  Even though Everett isn’t completely potty trained yet I didn’t want to wait until the last minute to find the perfect new contributor.  I sought out a mom locally in order to still be able to film the diapers in person on the baby and I wanted to meet them in person to make sure they’d be a good fit.  By having someone take over the reviews of diapers, something I can’t do for much longer, it means that the blog can continue doing what it is known for best!

I feel like I hit the diaper team jackpot with Lara and Harper.  Even though she is new to cloth diapers (let’s not forget that I started Dirty Diaper Laundry when Fletcher was only 4 months old!) she already knows quite a bit and will continue to learn much more!

Now to let Lara introduce herself and her beautiful daughter Harper:


Hi! My name is Lara, I have a daughter named Harper who just turned six months old (it’s amazing how time flies, I feel like she just came home yesterday) and I’m beyond thrilled to be reviewing cloth diapers with her for Kim.
I’ve known I wanted to use cloth diapers long before I was even thinking about having a child. Economically, environmentally, and aesthetically, they just make more sense to me. I was so lucky to have the friends and resources available to me to find some diapers we could use and to convince my husband we were making the best choice for our child. Not everyone has those resources, which is why I’m so glad these video reviews exist to help us find the best diapers for our children’s needs. It’s also why I’m so glad Giving Diapers Giving Hope exists, they are making a huge difference in so many families’ lives.

Lara and Harper at The Great Cloth Diaper Change Tampa 2013
Lara and Harper at The Great Cloth Diaper Change Tampa 2013

I’d love to tell you a little about my family. My husband and I are both twenty nine years old, we own a house in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we love working on diy projects together. My other passions include photography, sewing, and reading. I’d love to tell you about the projects I’m working on as well as some of those amazing moments that come along with having a baby girl, if you’re interested.

Lara with Harper in an Ergo.

Harper was born with dark brown hair that has gradually lightened to a soft blonde, and her bright blue eyes were a huge surprise to a family of hazel and brown eyed relatives. Her favorite thing in the world is playing with her dog, Valentine, or making music with anything she can get her hands on. She’s a very happy and active baby, and her best days involve lots of people and activities. We’re thrilled to be spending time with Kim making these awesome videos.

Harper at one day and 6 months.
Harper at one day and 6 months.

Please join me in welcoming Lara and Harper and stay tuned for their reviews. Her first review for DDL and Harper’s first video appearance will publish tomorrow!

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