Intro to Cloth Diapers Series: All-in-Ones

As part of my ongoing series, Introduction to Cloth Diapers, this video and post is dedicated to the easiest cloth diaper: the All-in-One.  The name pretty much explains what an All-in-One is: a one piece diaper that requires no stuffing, no unstuffing, and no assembly before use.

Sounds like a disposable, yes?

The only difference is that you need to wash it and, with velcro cloth diapers, you will need to affix the velcro tabs to their laundry tabs to prevent diaper chains (diapers sticking to one another in the washer or dryer which are a pain in the butt but that also cause more wear and tear to your diapers).

It is pretty easy to see why an AIO (abbreviated form of All-in-One) is an attractive choice for new cloth diapering parents.  Usually when the topic is brought up to the cloth diapering dad-to-be they want the easiest diaper to use; one that is most like a disposable.

All-in-Ones could be called the “gateway drug” of cloth diapers.

Once you see how easy and fun cloth diapering can be with an All-in-One you might want to branch out and try a pocket diaper, or a fitted and cover, or even *gasp* prefolds and covers!

AIO’s make excellent babysitter, care provider, grandma and grandpa, reluctant Dad, and Daycare diapers.

Potential drawbacks of AIO’s are:

  • Longer drying time for some types
  • Proclivity for stink issues cause by microfiber inserts not getting clean enough
  • More expensive than most other types.
  • Many are sized which will also increase the investment since you have to buy multiple sets.

While other diapers call themselves “All-in-Ones” I am using the truest forms for this video and definition.  Others called AIO’s are actually Tongue Style Pockets (Kissaluvs Marvel) or Snap-in-Ones (Bottombumpers).  These will be explained later in my series.

You can find the detailed video review of each diaper featured in this video below:

AMP Stay Dry AIO

Ragababe Easy AIO

bumGenius! Elemental

Have questions or suggestions for topics you want covered in my Introduction to Cloth Diapers Series?  Leave a comment!

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