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Image: Flickr bfraz
Image: Flickr bfraz

Some of you know this, but I had to book it on a plane over to San Antonio to visit a family member who is very ill.  She wanted very much to see her “golden boy” who is also my son.  My son is the only blonde member of her family so this cracks me up.

We heard the situation and bought right after (11 pm) and had to pack and get on a plane the next day.  It was hectic but we survived.  I made sure to pack up my cloth diapers.  I had some dirties, but not many, and threw them in the washer and rinsed them.  I am worried they are going to mold before I get back but I hope not!  I meant to wash them too but there was too much going on.

My son was perfect on the plane too!  We brought books, snacks, a DVD player, and a baby laptop.  The second flight he slept the entire time!

Right now I have my iPhone but no access to my computer except from Starbucks.  Obviously things are busy but I will try to keep some posts coming.  There will be a giveaway for a bumGenius 4.0!  Also, I had no idea the audio was missing in the Katydid review I posted Monday.  I can’t fix it until I get back home in a week.

The good news is that I am going to visit Kim from Rockin’ Green!  How cool is that?

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