How to Fold a Flat Diaperbag Style- Video and Image Tutorial

After hearing the raves about the Diaperbag fold on Diaperswappers (thanks in part to Padded Tush Stats) I tried it, and fell in love.  I wanted to add a video tutorial of this fold to the others I have done.  I have used this for both boys at night already and it held up beautifully.

The one thing that I love the most about this fold is how easy it is to get a good fit on any size baby.  I’ve extended the life of one flat that is too small to be used with the Origami or Kite fold, and I can get larger flats to a very manageable size very easily.

The other wonderful thing about it is how I can actually use it on my changing table!!!  I pinch it closed after it has been folded into the finished product, then lay it under him and open it back.  If you keep it open and try to transport it it will come undone.  Other folds require more folding at the moment, and I find it easier to do those on a floor.  I hope you all love this fold as much as I do!  I also used Bamboo Terry flats for this video (per request).

Anyone can use this fold but it is especially great for boys because you can double it over in front which gives you lots of layers where little boys need it most!


Special thanks to the DS mama who posted this a few years ago.  Here is the original tutorial.