How to be Green and Still save Green!

A lot of people have the misconception that to be Green is expensive.  You have to buy organic food, clothing made from natural fibers, and expensive hybrid vehicles.  In some ways it can add up!  Organic food is always more expensive than their genetically altered and pesticide sprayed counterparts; organic cotton onesies are 20.00 compared to 5.00 or less for the cheap ones from Walmart.  But what if you buy could buy some of the things you need used?

Buying things used, though they may not be made organically or from organic products, is still a great way to be eco conscious while still saving money.  I will admit that once upon a time I turned my nose up at the idea of buying ANYTHING used.  Now, I am the Queen of getting great deals.

Buying used is eco friendly for so many reasons.  You are preventing the items from possibly being thrown away, and there is no additional fuel for shipping or packaging involved.  The best reason for you to buy used is to save money!

I will give you a few examples.  I desperately wanted an ergo carrier but the price tag was way too steep for me to swallow.  I looked on craigslist and found one for less money.  I got what I wanted, without the new packaging attached which I would have had to break down and recycle what could be, and throw out the rest.  The owner made money and got rid of the product she no longer wanted.

On the flip side, I sell or donate items at least monthly.  I have sold back many of the cloth diapers that my son has outgrown locally.  A mama can get a great deal on diapers and to boot she is saving money by not buying disposables and not harming the earth.

I suggest utilizing these websites to help you get the new and new to you items you want for less money.  Or you can always donate or sell your unwanted items.

And don’t forget your local consignment stores, thrift shops, and yard sales. There are deals to be had everywhere if you are willing to look.

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