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babywearingmonthThis post is part of “All ABout Babywearing” month on Dirty Diaper Laundry, which has extended into November.

As much as I love babywearing (if you can’t tell, I love it, a lot!) sometimes you run into the dilemma of how to carry your essential items with you.  Depending on the situation, diaper bags are not ideal.  I wear my son for the long haul, like at theme parks, conventions, sight seeing, and the like.  When I do so, carrying him and a diaper bag on my person is too much.  I thought buying a backpack diaper bag would help for when I wear him on my front, but that only helped in the short term.

Picture 6Then I came across the Hip and Go from Red Mohican, a stylish and sophisticated way to carry your essentials along while wearing your baby.  The Hip and Go was created by Karin Shopen who loves functional accesories that compliment the mother, not the baby.  Why should a mom have to carry a mint green or baby blue diaper bag with Eeyore on it?  Because babies love him?  No!  Mom should have a diaper bag that matches her style.  I will admit, when I first saw the Hip and Go being worn by Karin I was skeptical.  As much as I would love to wear a fanny pack for the practicality of it (admit it, they rock!  Hands free and it won’t come off on the roller coaster!) the neon pink one from middle school doesn’t cut it.  Although I wouldn’t call my personal style “sophisticated” I like to dress nice when I can.  The Hip and Go looks luxurious but it has a practical purpose.

cpu29010_1The Hip and Go has two deep pockets, one on each hip, to put all of your baby essentials for when you are out and about.  It is perfect for babywearing because it goes around your waist.  While it won’t fit an entire days worth of diapers, outfit changes, etc, it will hold many necessities.  The bag belts around your waist and has many size options.  You can also get an extender belt if you need one.

Hip& Go bag was designed with much attention given to the fashionable and fast pace life we share. In order to keep your arms and shoulders free, it’s worn across the hips. While keeping your appearance cool and sexy it’s design looks like the sturdy belts of gunslingers from days gone by.  With stylish, ergonomically placed pockets instead of holsters, Two exterior pocket with elastic net inside to keep your phone, wallet or business cards handy, two large zippered interior pocket for max safety, flap closure with magnetic snap, inside key clip / outside key holder

After I studied the bag being worn on Karin I decided I loved how it looked.  To me, this looks stylish and practical.  It is quality made and uses quality materials.  You can choose from canvas, faux leather, and genuine leather.  I love, love, love leather.  I know I shouldn’t but it is a vice I must have.  There is a bag for every budget.

How does it fare?  I was able to get a wallet, keys, cell phone, wipes, lipstick, and small onesie inside.  This will work is you use disposables since you will not be bringing a dirty diaper back into the bag.  She sent it to review with a diaper and wipes already inside for me to see. Good thing, because I don’t own a single disposable to test out that capacity.  It will fit 1-2 disposables inside a pocket as well.  I have used it for shopping so far, since I haven’t been on any big trips since getting it for review.  This has been handy for me.  While wearing my son I can easily access my wallet to pay and not have to dig inside of a diaper bag.  I can also fit a Chicco reusable bag inside!  I don’t leave home without my reusable bags!  When going back to the car I had my keys clipped on.  This was hard for me to undo one handed, so from then on I put the keys inside of the pocket.

I will advise that you should take the bag off before you get in the car.  It doesn’t work well when sitting in the car.  I tried it.  Since it unhooks like a belt it is a simple fix to remove it before getting into the car, and put it on when you get out, before you get your baby out of the carseat and wear them.

Even though I talk about wearing the Hip and Go and your baby, you don’t have to wear your baby to use this.  It is handy for anytime if you don’t want to carry a purse.  It would also be great if you are a hairdresser, since it reminds me of the utility belts they wear.

I also want to mention that Red Mohican makes another killer product!  it isn’t babywearing related, but it is something I wish I could afford to put in my house.

The Gymbox is an all in one play center that has everything your toddler would ever want, and then some.  It even has a ball it.  Best of all, it folds into a cube so when the kiddos are done you can pretend you don’t have a Chik-fil-a play center in your home.

If you would love to own a Hip and Go you can buy from Red Mohican’s online store which just launched!

Use code DIRTYDIAPER for 15% off a Hip and Go.

I was not compensated to perform this review however the sample provided was kept free of charge.

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