Help Happy Heinys send diapers to Haiti

This is a message from Happy Heinys.  If you can’t afford to send funds, you can send diapers through Happy Heinys!

We have been very saddened to hear that due to the recent earthquakes in
Haiti in the Port Au Prince area, a couple of the orphanages we have worked
closely with over the last fews years have been completely devastated.
Through the years we have not only sent them diapers and clothing for these
babies but also toys and help with food.
When we work with any orphanage in any third world nation we work closely
with missionaries who actually travel to the orphanages and personally bring
our donations to the babies in need. We opt to work this way because sadly
we have found that when attempting to donate directly the goods do not
always arrive to the proper place due to the civil unrest of many of these
With this recent devastating series of earthquakes there is already a lot of
donations and requests for donations out there. Many are requesting items to
be given to the Red Cross which is a wonderful organization and will truly
help many people.
Unfortunately those many orphanages are on the outskirts of town and
therefore tend to receive less if any help. These orphanages are now in dire
need of new/good condition used reusable diapers. By us providing them with
reusable diapers we are ensuring that a baby who has just learned to sit in
not placed on a toileting pot for 10-12 hours per day in order to prevent
We are also going to take donations of new or good condition used baby
clothing and small items. Most often these items we donate are actually
brought over in suitcases so we need items that will fit in suitcases.
Again, there is a lot of wonderful support that is heading out that way,
people bringing food, water, medicines, and clothing but this is all going
to the main population. We need to get diapers and clothing to the
orphanages as quickly as possible.
If you would like to make a donation of diapers or baby clothing please send
as quickly as possible to:

Happy Heinys
1529 N Cuyamaca St
El Cajon CA 92020
please mark box for donation

If you would like to be so kind as to help out financially so that we can
afford to send out more new diapers and new clothing as well as shipping
costs and costs of extra luggage for those who are flying out to Haiti.
Please send any donations to us through paypal, please be sure to clearly
mark the payment in the subject box as Donation for Orphanages in Haiti and
select the Personal option for sending the money so there is no extra
charges applied.
You can send funds through paypal to:
You can send funds using a credit card or cash. If you would like to send
checks please mail them to the above address and make the check out to Happy
Heinys but please make sure the subject is clearly marked as Donation for
All funds collected will solely be used for purchasing of new items and the
costs of shipping. Any left over funds will be directly donated to those in

Thank you for helping us to carry on our mission to insure that as many
babies as possible have dry cloth on their bottoms, clean clothes to wear,
and food in their belly.
Linda Byerline CEO
MLB Industries Inc

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