Happy Hempy and Happy Heiny’s One Size Cover Review

Happy Heiny’s sent over a few of their products to try.  I have already reviewed their new and improved One Size and their Mini One Size in my newborn diaper review.  This time I am reviewing the Happy Hempy and the One Size Cover.

Ease of Use  ✩✩✩ Fitteds and covers together definitely take longer to put on a baby than any pocket or all-in-one.  The reason is pretty obvious, you have 2 items to put on versus one.  That being said, these took me a little longer than other varieties.  I had to be very careful when putting the Happy Hempy on because if you didn’t make it tight enough there could be leaks from the front.  The fitted also needs to be stuffed, either before you put it on your baby or when you get it out of the dryer.  It also needs to be unstuffed before you wash it.  This all adds time to the diaper changing process.  You also need to affix the laundry tabs for both the Happy Hempy and the OS cover before tossing it in the pail.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Hempy is 18.95 and the cover runs 14.95.  I would say both are a little more than most products in their same category but not by much.  The Hempy is worth the investment for that heavy wetter though!

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Even though this diaper can be a pita to get on and off, it held up very well overnight.  I do like the stay dry aspect because there are very few fitteds that have this.  I didn’t have any leaks with the diaper.  For my review I used the Hemp Stuffin insert.

Fit✩✩✩✩ This diaper combination is very bulky, at least on my little diaper tester.  I’m sure for those babies and toddlers who are in need of a serious night time solution would benefit from this combo.  If you baby doesn’t need a mega night time combo you might want to find a different fitted to use with the HH cover, since the cover doesn’t add any bulk and it is a good cover.

Overall- The best feature of the Happy Hempy is definitely the stay dry lining and the many layers of hemp. The combo of the fitted and the cover worked great for us but is bulkier than I prefer so it is relegated to nights.  The velcro still gave me chains even using the directed “behind the diaper” closing system.

Where to buy: Kelly’s Closet

Happy Heiny’s sent over a few examples of their products including the Happy Hempy and Happy Heiny’s One Size Cover.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own.

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