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Happy Heiny has been around since 2002 and was the creation of Lisa Byerline.  She designed Happy Heiny to solve the “plumber’s crack” of other shorter rise cloth diapers. Happy Heiny is one of the most recognized brands when cloth diapering began to rise in popularity and predates brands like bumGenius and GroVia. Happy Heiny didn’t invent the pocket diaper but they helped popularize it by seeking mainstream media. Lisa, more than any other diaper brand owner, was able to connect effectively with mainstream magazines and even celebrities in order to get her products in the public eye.

The company began floundering and vanished- it was assumed that Happy Heiny was another victim to time and the harsh reality of business. In 2013 the company was purchased by the current owners, Katie and Addie. They have brought the brand back but now have to compete with the new crop of brands that have risen to the top during the brand’s brief absence. …read more about Happy Heiny


Happy Heiny has a vast product line-up including sized and one-size pocket diapers, All-in-Ones, Fitteds, All-in-Two’s, covers, and more.

DDL has reviewed Happy Heiny products:

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