Happy Heiny TWOriffic (All In Two) Diaper Review

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One task I never realized I’d have to do so frequently with my babies is centered around clean laundry. I think I was spoiled with Harper, she has always been very petite, and wore 0-3 clothing until she was around 6 months old. She’s maintained her slight stature despite a very healthy appetite, and I was able to delay swapping out her clothing sizes for months as she continued to fit in smaller sizes (with the exception of some snug cotton stretch pants thanks to some fluffier diapers). Autumn has thrown me for a loop. I have spent more time elbow deep in stacks of clean laundry squinting at tiny illegible tags and making stacks that have to be stored before my toddler discovers them than I ever imagined possible. My eight month old is now wearing 18 month clothing, and some of it is rather snug. She is ebf, just like her sister was at that age, with the occasional bit of banana or avocado, nothing crazy. My diet hasn’t changed, but the same milk that kept Harper thin as a rail has helped Autumn blossom into a very healthy round cheeked baby girl. While I don’t relish the extra laundry (diaper laundry is so much more fun), I do appreciate the clear proof that my milk is sufficient nutrition and my eldest child is just naturally slight. Do you have children on opposite sides of the growth chart? How do you feel about it? Do any of you have an older child who wears a younger child’s hand-me-downs?

Happy Heiny All in Two

Today I am reviewing the Happy Heiny TWOriffic diaper, I love the bright colors and fun designs as well as the strength and versatility of this diaper and I’m excited to share it with you.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩  The Happy Heiny TWOriffic all in two consists of a shell and an insert with a snap to keep it in place. The insert I am testing is constructed from cotton with a layer of mock mesh to create a stay dry barrier. Happy Heiny also offers a cotton and hemp version for those who prefer natural fibers against their baby’s skin. The shell is a smooth slick fabric which is not at all sticky (like some inexpensive covers can be) and wipes clean easily. The snap keeps the insert in place while allowing it to be easy popped off when it needs changing. This diaper is easy enough to use that I frequently reach for it with visiting parents/in laws since I can trust others will understand how it works.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ A cover costs $18.95 whether you choose hook and loop tape or snaps, and an insert costs only 4.50 for the stay dry version or the cotton/hemp version. With an all in two, you can purchase more inserts than covers and change only the inserts for several changes, reducing the cost of your stash and the amount of laundry you have to wash. I love how cost effective this style can be.

Performance ✩✩✩ The insert I used with this diaper is a cotton insert with a mock mesh lining to help keep moisture off of baby’s skin, which can be helpful in preventing rashes if your baby tends to be sensitive. The insert is extremely thin yet still fairly absorbent. My girls do tend to give cloth diaper absorbency a very tough test and we found that these diapers worked best with an additional doubler or pad folded flat tucked inside. If you have a light to normal wetter you may not find additional absorbency necessary. These do wipe clean very easily and the single snap makes it a cinch to remove the insert before adding a new one. I use cloth wipes (I store them dry and use a spritz bottle of water with my own wipe solution mixed in) and I find a single dry wipe is perfect for removing the insert without touching it, then wiping away any moisture on the cover.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These covers are very generously sized, they are one of the few covers we use that still has tons of room to grow on my very chunky off-the-charts eight month old baby. The generous cross over snaps allow this diaper to fit a wide variety of sizes and shapes. However, this diaper is still delightfully trim. When not using an additional soaker I find this diaper to be one of the slimmest silhouettes we use, perfect for those tiny jeans you knew were overpriced and a bad idea but just could not resist. The diaper clings to your baby without causing compression leaks even in those snug little denim skinny pants. Why does a baby need skinny pants? I don’t know. But this diaper will fit under them, which is something I can’t say about over half our stash (and that’s no small half).

 Overall: These diapers are a great choice if you want close to the simplicity of an all in one without the cost, bulk, and long dry time of a true all in one. They are easy to use, intuitive, and stylish. The generous sizing means I will be able to use them long after my little Buddha baby outgrows some of her other “one size” (sometimes I think they mean one size fits most) diapers, even if she doesn’t slim down once she starts walking. This is a great way to build a stash from scratch, ordering more inserts than covers and trying some of each style insert to see what your baby prefers. These are also a great option when traveling since you can store more dirty laundry in even a small wet bag.

Where to Buy: HappyHeiny.com

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