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When Harper turned one (it seems like just yesterday) her paternal grandmother made her a Raggedy Ann doll. She’s enormous and hard to store, but every time I look at her I see the love she was made with. I remember my own tiny Raggedy Ann and countless hours sitting at my mother’s feet while she sewed doll dresses and I played with fabric scraps. That bright cheerful face is, to me, a symbol of a parent’s (or grandparent’s) love. Do you have any special toys, something heirloom or handmade just for your child?


This diaper was backed by Kickstarter, making it a diaper brought to life by the cloth diapering community. Within less than twelve hours Grovia reached fifty percent of their original goal, and within just four short days their goal of twenty eight thousand dollars was reached. At that point additional goals and incentives have been offered, and with just a couple days left the kickstarter currently is at over sixty six thousand dollars. This amazing response is truly a testament to the parents who believe in a sustainable solution that is convenient, affordable, and stylish, and to the minds of Kim Ormsby and her team. The Grovia O.N.E. stands for Outlast closure, No prep, Easy to use. The concept was to create a diaper that is truly an all in one, not just in it’s most widely used meaning of “all pieces together” but also in the idea that it has everything a parent is looking for, and everything they may not know they need. All of the questions that hold back many potential cloth diapering parents can be set aside as the O.N.E. gives you the ability to customize your diaper in entirely new ways so that it works for every caregiver and every baby.

Updates to the version that released to retailers in August are shown above. The diaper in the video is from the batch made from Kickstarter.

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Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The soaker and doubler in this diaper snap into place, which means there are no pockets to stuff and because of the channels sewn into the soaker it is clear which goes where. It is recommended you unsnap each piece before washing which adds a little time to your wash routine if you are used to sewn in all in ones, but the soakers wash so quickly and easily it is worth the extra second. This diaper also comes equipped with a unique snap on hook and loop tape, meaning it can be used as a snap diaper, then as a diaper with hook and loop tape, then as a snap diaper again, based on the needs and desires of the baby and the diaper changer. For example, my mother in law occasionally watches the girls for us and may not always use the right snap setting (which I completely understand, if I were not used to modern cloth diapers with snaps I would be wary of how tight to snap them, too!) so she seems to prefer when I send diapers that fasten with hook and loop tape. The issue with this is that H&L tape can wear out quickly, especially with frequent hot washes. I have some friends who love everything about Grovia except their H&L because they’ve actually seen it melt after too many vigorous washes. The Grovia O.N.E. allows me to send the diaper with H&L to my in-law’s, then unsnap the tape before washing so it never has to endure the trauma of an intense wash routine AND my laundry is saved from the peril of a potential renegade snare from the sticky tape. Then when it’s my turn to put the diaper on, I can stick with the snaps if I want to. It’s something for everyone.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ I’ve been told Grovia will release the O.N.E. for sale to the folks who didn’t get in on the Kickstarter beginning the first week of May, and that the retail price will be just 21.95. Considering this diaper comes pre loaded with all the bells and whistles to ensure you’ll never need to add extra boosters or special covers or do a snap conversion or any other additional expenses, this is a fantastic deal. If you do choose to wash the hook and loop tape on your diaper (hey, life gets busy, I won’t judge) and you find it eventually needs replacing, there’s no sewing involved since it just snaps in place, and at just five dollars for a new kit you won’t flinch considering this diaper is likely to last through several babies with no issue.


*Image via GroVia

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I like the channels stitched into the soaker, it helps keep my six month old’s EBF solids (if you can call them that) from immediately pooling at her thighs or trying to escape up the back (oh thank goodness for strong reliable back elastic!) and this is one diaper (get it, O.N.E.?) that we haven’t experienced any leaks or blowouts with. My girls are heavy wetters (they both nurse throughout the day and Harper always has a water bottle handy so they stay well hydrated in the Florida heat) and I’ve noticed with this diaper the soft lining on the soaker really does stay dry, even when the soaker is heavy with liquid, more so than other diapers we rely on. Harper has sensitive skin and is more prone to irritation if wetness rests against her skin for even a short time, so having a diaper that is cotton with less than ten percent polyester and does not give her skin a reaction is quite a relief. I will note that some of my friends who are using this diaper have experienced some leaking through the tag. One quick turn in the dryer seems to seal up any gaps in the PUL and resolve the issue. I received my O.N.E. on a rainy day so I washed it and threw it in the dryer right away and never experienced this issue. Another point to note is that this diaper is touted as a “no prep” diaper that can be washed just like any other laundry. No special detergent, no complicated wash cycles, no strict rules (ok, except don’t use fabric softener, because that’s just common sense) and Grovia even says you can use bleach on these diapers! I haven’t tried it yet, because the soaker doesn’t seem to stain as easily as my organic cotton soakers do, and I haven’t had a need. But I will keep you updated if I do.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is rated for 10-35 lbs, but I’m also seeing a lot of newborns wearing them on the fan page. The hook and loop option makes fitting a cinch for those tiny tummies. The O.N.E. comes with a soaker and a booster. When using this diaper on it’s smallest rise setting you use just the booster alone for absorbency. On the medium and large settings you can use just the soaker, or for overnights (or long naps or car rides) you can snap in the booster. If both inserts are used this is a fluffy diaper. But it is still trimmer than the fitteds I would usually turn to for overnight and doesn’t require any additional covers as a fitted would.

Overall: The O.N.E. really does have it all, and it isn’t shy about letting you know. I love that a community of like minded individuals came together to make this diaper a reality, and created a diaper that will really and truly work for everybody (it may take a little patience and advice to find the perfect fit and configuration, but without requiring any additional products or special care instructions this diaper is universally accessible). This is an excellent diaper for parents who are cloth curious but overwhelmed with all the options and decisions to be made. It’s also excellent for busy families who don’t have time to deal with long prep routines or complicated wash instructions. I can easily see these being a big hit with daycares and babysitters. When you use both inserts this is also an excellent overnight diaper. I think this diaper negates a lot of the stress a parent may feel when inundated with options they have to choose from when they have no experience to draw from. I would love to see someone with a stash of just the O.N.E. as it works so well in different configurations and washes so quickly and easily.

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